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Acquabella Virtual Tour: a journey through the senses

April 2021 / Inspiration, ACQUABELLA, Fairs and events, Acquawhite

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Trends in bathroom design for 2022

¿Buscando inspiración para tu reforma del cuarto de baño? ¿Quieres conocer las tendencias en diseño de interiores y arquitectura que predominarán en 2022? En este artículo te damos las claves para un baño a la última.

Dolotek®: a soft-touch material for the bathroom

Practicality, purity, softness. These are the main characteristics of Dolotek®, Acquabella’s latest material.

Akron®: the resin and mineral-filled material for your bathroom

Akron, a patented resin and mineral-filled material for the bathroom

Acquabella presents its contract solutions for bathrooms

The brand has decided to bring together all its projects in a single catalogue in which it presents its contract solutions.

Acquabella starts up Europe’s largest automatic shower tray production line

Acquabella’s new automated shower tray production line uses advanced technology that will speed up production.

All eyes on Acquabella Resort at Cersaie 2021

Acquabella’s stand at Cersaie, with its Resort theme, was one of the most distinctive stands on offer

Acquabella is preparing for Cersaie 2021

Acquabella will exhibit its new products at the upcoming Cersaie in Bologna

How to design a bathroom suite

Have you ever thought about merging the bathroom space with the bedroom space? Every day more and more people are taking the plunge and getting a bathroom suite. If you are one of them, please keep reading.

Acquabella Box Concept: An easy-to-install shower space

Did you know that the Acquabella panels were originally designed to easily replace the bathtub with a shower tray? In this article we go back to the origins to tell you about the Box Concept by Acquabella, which allows for a simple and complete renovation of the shower space.

The bathroom: a pleasure for the five senses

Human beings possess five senses that provide us with information from the outside world, and thanks to which we can relate to our environment. In this article, we show you how to play with the senses in order to convert your bathroom into a temple of well-being.

Mediterranean designs in the bathroom

Simple surroundings, natural elements and nothing artificial, are the main characteristics of the Mediterranean designs in the bathroom. Here are some tips to get the most out of your bathroom’s Mediterranean design.

Acquabella Interview Series | Elspeth Pridham

Our fist guest at Acquabella Interview Series is Elspeth Pridham, journalist, author and blogger at The Insider who writes about interior design for interior design professionals

Bathrooms through the decades

The bathrooms have seen more change than most other rooms over the last century. Let us show you in this article bathroom trends over recent years.

Six keys to a complete bathroom renovation

When it comes to a complete bathroom renovation, there are lots of things to think of. In this article we will give you the six key elements to plan for a problem-free bathroom changeover.

Create your bathroom with Acquabella: the new 3D planner

The Spanish shower tray manufacturer is launching a new tool that will enable users to visualise projects carried out with Acquabella products: the 3D planner.

Ideas for bathroom wall coverings

Bathroom walls can make all the difference when it comes to impressing our customers and guests. Read on and we’ll reveal some tricks to impress your visitors.

Acquabella, the leading European shower tray brand, has won three more awards in the last few months

The expert juries of the Red Dot and iF Design Awards have selected two of Acquabella’s latest innovations as deserving of the product design award: the Opal Quiz bathtub and the Tempo Arabba shower tray.

Shower tray or bathtub, which one should we choose?

When it comes to renovating the bathroom, the same question always comes up, which is better? Shower tray or bathtub? In this article, we help you to make the right decision.

Acquabella Virtual Tour: a journey through the senses

Acquabella Virtual Tour. A journey that will transport us through various different scenarios where the Acquabella product is blended with nature, all thanks to technology.

Sharing the bathroom

The bathroom is a space where living together can often create problems. From Acquabella, we have some tips for you which will take the challenge out of sharing the bathroom.

Opal Quiz, the bathtub revolution

Acquabella continues to surprise with its bathroom innovations for 2021, and this time it does so with the stunning Opal Quiz bathtub.

Shower trays: the bathroom’s star players

At Acquabella, as manufacturers of bespoke shower trays, we ensure that our products meet strict quality, strength and safety standards. We also go one step further by blending these standards with our passion for design

Ideas for the guest bathroom

Having a small auxiliary toilet at home is very useful. We give you the best ideas for the guest bathroom. You’ll make it look like a hotel bathroom!

Acquabella interactive catalogue: a new way to get to know the product

Acquabella, manufacturer of bathroom products, is employing brand new technology to launch the Acquabella interactive catalogue.

Five bathroom trends for 2021

The bathroom trends for 2021 have been strongly influenced by the significant changes we experienced in 2020. This year has been challenging, and now it’s time to adapt.

The Smart Quiz shower tray wins over design experts

After a year on the market, the Smart Quiz shower tray has been awarded the top European design and innovation prizes.

Textures in the bathroom

Textures in the bathroom bring a depth to the room. Playing with combinations of different finishes can give rise to styles that are quite surprising.

Fill your bathroom with tradition and design with Acquabella

Acquabella presents its new 2021 products with a perfect mix of tradition, innovation and design that can turn your bathroom into a unique and original place.

Inspiration for renovating a bathroom

Looking for inspiration to renovate a bathroom is an arduous task that requires time and dedication. How can I create the look I want? Where can I find inspiration? Will I get the style right? In this article, we lay out a guide to make the process easier for you.

How to design a timeless bathroom

The best solution for a hotel is creating a timeless bathroom where we don’t have to change key elements, such as the shower tray or countertop, unless necessary. At Acquabella, we’re sharing with you the keys to making that happen.

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