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Acquabella opens its R+D+i Centre with innovation as an engine of growth


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Acquabella, National Winner at the European Business Awards

Acquabella has been honoured as the best Spanish company in its category at the European Business Awards 2019.

Acquabella introduces its novelties at CERSAIE 2019

Do you want to know what you missed at CERSAIE 2019? Here we will tell you about the greatest moments and all the new products introduced at the fair in Bologna.

Shower Tray Cleaning and Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your Acquabella shower tray is essential for it to last the test of time.

Interview with Fernando Maceda, Product Manager at Acquabella

People are the essence of Acquabella, the force that moves him forward.

Bathroom decoration: Ideas and Trends

Over the course of the year, we have seen the consolidation of the new trends in the decoration of your bathroom.

How do colours influence our mood?

Colours can evoke endless feelings, emotions and memories for us. They directly affect our mood so take note of these tips for applying colour psychology in your bathroom.

How to choose the right shower tray? (II)

More questions to keep in mind when deciding our ideal shower tray.

How to choose the right shower tray? (I)

What aspects are fundamental? The right choice can save us real problems after installation.

Turn your bathroom into a bright space

Simple tips to get more amplitude and luminosity in your bathroom.

Acquabella opens its R+D+i Centre with innovation as an engine of growth

The celebration of the company’s 25th anniversary coincides with the opening of the centre dedicated to research and development.

Bathrooms for Two, Sharing without More Space?

Improve the capacity of your bathroom thanks to the many possibilities offered by Acquabella.

High definition textures for your shower tray

Acquabella proposes an integral and highly exclusive bathroom design, marked by the combination of textures and visual games.

Countertop washbasin: is it the best option for my bathroom?

Countertop washbasins for the bathroom offer endless possibilities, with circular basins being the key trend for this year.

ACQUABELLA drives innovation forward with a more modern factory

The extension includes the construction of 3 new buildings: a new R+D+i centre, the expansion of the logistics centre, as well as a new production plant.

Chaos in your bathroom? Furniture and accessories to sort out the clutter

If there is everything but order in your bathroom, it is time to put an end to the chaos. How? With furniture and accessories that help you improve the space you have, making it bigger and creating new storage areas.

Acquabella finishes off 5 busy days at CEVISAMA 2019

If you were unable to attend the recent Feria de Valencia, we’ll tell you about the Acquabella proposals and designs for Cevisama 2019.

ACQUABELLA incorporates the EQ software program

EQ Software is the official program for retailers and distributors in the United Kingdom.

New Year, new bathroom

The lights do their best to blind us, but the calendar does not lie, a new year is beginning.

Plants to decorate the bathroom.

If we consider humidity and light, we can find many plants to make our bathroom unique. Plants are an important part of the decoration in any home, they provide freshness and personality to any space. Also, they help to create a sensation of relaxation in the different rooms of the house and purify the air […]

The sink that adapts to your needs

Countertop or integrated, suspended or built-in… What type of sink to choose? We will help you decide.

How can we save water in the bathroom?

With a few simple daily actions, you can save up to 50% more water and help to take care of one of the most precious resources on this planet.

Submerge yourself in new offers from Acquabella.

The spirit of self-improvement is part of our identity. Our new Acquabella collections spring from loyalty to our style with inspiration from the latest trends in interior design.

Kids bathrooms that stand the test of time.

There are some requirements when adapting a bathroom for kids, such as bright colours, an anti-slip shower tray and practical storage space.

Acquabella reinvents itself at CERSAIE

The latest design trends in bathroom equipment were presented at the fair, including two new collections and a new shower tray.

Changing from a bath to a shower tray: which is the best option?

Mineral load shower trays can be custom made in order to adapt to any space, they are resistant and anti-slip.