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The bathroom: a pleasure for the five senses

The bathroom: a pleasure for the five senses

August 2021 | Inspiration

Human beings possess five senses that provide us with information from the outside world, and thanks to which we can relate to our environment. When this information exudes calmness to us, we enter a state of  much-needed relaxation for dealing with everyday life. In this article, we show you how to play with the senses in order to convert your bathroom into a temple of well-being.

The view inside the bathroom

It is said that things enter by sight, such that this sense is the one that generates most attraction.

To instantly disconnect from daily commitments and enter into a visually appealing space is essential. To do this, we recommend you to take into account small details, such as the use of candles, natural vegetation and neutral tones, looking for a balance between warmth and visual space, because busy environments tend to give us a feeling of disorder, leading to mental restlessness that prevents us from relaxing.

If you have a large enough bathroom, textiles can really make you feel at home: rugs or even armchairs will completely change the look of a bathroom. Hanging pictures with images that convey the sensations we are looking for is also a valuable alternative.

As for fixed elements, we must take into account what it is we wish them to convey to us when we choose them: a simple Base Slate shower tray, with its natural stone finish texture, is perfect for those who seek to connect with nature; the Quiz panel is ideal for lovers of contemporary design, thanks to its geometric lines and fusion of textures; a simple countertop will transport the more traditional of us towards memories of yesteryear, due to the hand-woven natural fibre finish evoked by the Arabba texture.


In the above paragraph we talked about how different textures can make a difference to how we see things, but touch can also make a difference. Akron® is a material developed by Acquabella that gives great definition to the textures created, from the subtle Zero texture to the industrial Beton texture.

On the other hand, bathroom products made of resin and mineral fillings are warm to the touch, unlike porcelain and natural stone; they also have anti-slip and anti-bacterial properties that bring extra safety to the bathroom. All this is evident in the pleasant sensation you feel when you place your bare feet on an Acquabella shower tray.

Nuevo material Dolotek

If we talk about warmth, the bathtub is a key element. By opting for quality products, such as Acquabella’s Dolotek® bathtubs, we can stay immersed in a bath for long periods without it losing temperature, enveloped in a blanket of tranquillity. Curved shapes, such as those present in the Lech freestanding bathtub, are more conducive to attracting mental stillness.


Incense, essential oils, aromatic plants… There are many options out there that will ensure that, on closing our eyes, we are still present in our corner of calm, filling us with peace and well-being with each inhalation.

We recommend that you keep the room clean and well-ventilated to get rid of any bad smells. Once this is done, you can enjoy adding a few drops of lavender essential oil to your bath, or placing a diffuser to permeate the bathroom with your favourite aroma.


New technologies bring music closer to us regardless of time or place. Let’s take advantage of this possibility by choosing a playlist with slow-paced, low-key songs to accompany us during our grooming ritual.

For those who prefer stillness, soaking in a deep, free-standing bathtub and focusing on the murmur of the water is an excellent option, as is enjoying the water falling on the shower tray, which in cases such as the Tempo Arabba shower tray, makes its way around the perimeter to the grating, creating a pleasant visual effect.

Rejilla plato de ducha a medida Tempo Arabba de Acquabella


Who says that gastronomy has no place in the bathroom? Nothing could be further from the truth. There are many films that encourage us to take a glass of wine or champagne into the bathroom to totally disconnect from reality.

In addition to this, there are more and more food-based remedies that take place in the bath: coffee scrubs, chocolate masks, honey treatments … A lifestyle that popularised Cleopatra with her baths and that today extends to many foods whose properties can be taken advantage of.

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