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Textures in the bathroom

Textures in the bathroom

November 2020 | Inspiration, ACQUABELLA, Advice

Textures in the bathroom bring a depth and richness to the room. Playing with combinations of different finishes in different colours can give rise to styles that are quite surprising and unique.

It is delightful to touch the softness of the grooves of a stone, the roughness of a fabric that is hand-woven, the delicacy of skin or the subtlety of a uniform micro texture. It is enjoyable to see the irregularities of cement, the slabs of slate, knots in wood, or surprising combinations of textures that seem to be opposites.

The Acquabella brand manages to transmit a total of eight textures in the bathroom with amazing fidelity and quality. These textures will transport the user to a universe of sensations and design, with custom-made shower trays, panels, basins, worktops, baths and furniture.

Arabba Texture

Acquabella’s latest creation, which has a textile look. Arabba simulates natural hand-woven fibres. A gem of craftsmanship that perfectly reflects the irregularities present in a handmade piece, presenting a world of sensations which reveal the soul of Acquabella.

Quiz Texture

Created to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Acquabella. Geometric shapes that have different, high-definition textures join together to create an innovative design that will turn any product into a unique and surprising piece of work. This finish is made using the textures Zero, Ethnic and Beton.

Ethnic Texture

Perfect for getting closer to nature. The texture for the Ethnic bathroom looks like a natural wood board that is joined together with a thin layer of cement. It is ideal for those who are looking for a neo-rustic style.

Beton Texture

The basis of industrial minimalism. This cement-like HD texture will give the bathroom a modern touch, creating a room that is avant-garde and elegant.

Slate texture

One of the most sought-after textures. Slate can be adapted to suit any style, due to its nature-inspired finish. It faithfully imitates the details of a smooth slate, bringing casual simplicity to any room.

Zero Texture

For the most demanding customers, Acquabella has found the perfect combination of roughness and smoothness. Zero is simple, but still brings a lot of personality to the space. It is a surface that appears to be smooth but, when you touch it, its soft micro texture is surprising. A delight for the senses.

Rejilla del plato de ducha a medida de Flow Zero de Acquabella

Nude Texture

Choosing a texture like Nude for the bathroom means that originality will be the focus of the room. A shower tray, walls or worktops that have a leather look, but are also easy-to-clean, high quality and durable, like all Acquabella materials.

Textura Nude

Ardesia Texture

Possibly the most faithful reproduction of natural stone. The mould used to produce this texture was created using a slab taken from Tuscany, in Italy. Contemplating the smoothness and movement of its veins is an exercise that is almost meditative.

The textures in the bathroom are a key element in decorating and personalizing it, as they can completely change the sensations that this room communicates. As a result, touch and sight are the most important senses in the Acquabella bathroom.

To best complete the room, a few decorative details can be added to accompany the desired style, and reinforce the effect of the textures with appropriate, welcoming lighting.

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