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Countertop washbasin: is it the best option for my bathroom?

Countertop washbasin: is it the best option for my bathroom?

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Countertop washbasins for the bathroom offer endless possibilities, with circular basins being the key trend for this year.

The countertop washbasin is one of this year’s great trends. No matter the size of your bathroom, or the style you are looking for, it is truly an option that adapts to any surroundings.

Trends and tastes are moving toward countertop sinks. These, unlike traditional washbasins, are totally independent pieces that we can combine with other usual elements.

Countertop washbasins by Acquabella

Given the endless available possibilities relating to customisation, the choice of which is perfect for you will depend on your own preferences or style. Therefore, choosing your type of wash basin may be an easy or difficult task. All this will depend on ideas regarding the finishes, shape, material and texture you want in your surroundings.

At Acquabella, we have several models of countertop sinks, in this article we will give you some tips to choose the one that best suits your needs and bathroom.

At Acquabella, we have 5 different models of On Top washbasins, with different shapes that adapt to each space. Round, square, oval and rectangular shapes for each room and space.

ON-TOP SQUARE. A square shaped washbasin that bestows the sense of order you are looking for.

ON-TOP CIRCLE. Combine minimalist purity with a circular shape that transmits balance in your bathroom.

ON-TOP CIRCLE XL. This model has a height of 15 cm and a radius of 40 cm. A model in keeping with the most up to date trends.

ON-TOP OVAL. Total minimalist purity with oval lines filling any bathroom with dynamism.

ON-TOP RECTANGLE. This piece has more usable space for those who are most demanding or those who like to share.

Countertop washbasins

Something that stands out about our washbasins is that they can be customised. On the outside, our washbasins are available in Slate and Beton textures to make your surroundings feel natural and personal.

To help with your choice of colour, we present our 10 Standard colours to which we add 6 Naturally Made colours. However, you have the entire RAL/NCS colour chart at your disposal for the most daring options.

On the other hand, our On-Top Colors version gives you the option of combining a smooth inner finish in white with the colour you want on the textured exterior.

Advantages of the countertop sinks

Another notable advantage of countertop washbasins is their ease of installation. Just choose where you want to put our new washbasin and connect it to a drain pipe. Without forgetting that our countertop or piece of furniture must have the corresponding outlet for the drain, as well as for the taps.

Another point in favour of countertop washbasins is comfort design. If you suffer from any discomfort in your shoulders, back, or neck, this type of washbasin can help avoid the latter due to the washbasin being at a higher level.

Now we know why countertop washbasins are such a success. At Acquabella, we offer a wide range of possibilities that can give your bathroom a modern look.

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