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Shower Tray Cleaning and Maintenance

Shower Tray Cleaning and Maintenance

August 2019 | Advice, ACQUABELLA

Proper maintenance of your Acquabella shower tray is essential for it to last the test of time.

How to clean Acquabella brand shower trays is one of the most common questions our customers ask. Despite the high resistance and the technical properties of AKRON® – the compound that all Acquabella products are made from – we advise that certain care and measures be carried out in order to keep the shower tray like new.

Conditions of use and maintenance

  1. While installing the tray, we recommend taking special care and not removing the protective cardboard that is included in the packaging.
  2. To clean away possible traces of tile adhesive and mortar, you can use a descaler for seals known as DETERDEK from the brand FILA and/or Fuga-Soap ECO from Kerakoll, as this is specifically for removing construction work residue. Never use scourers (Scotch Brite or natural fibres), or solvent, acid, or abrasive products. We recommend taking protective measures such as gloves, goggles and safety mask.
  3. For routine cleaning, rinsing the tray with water and wiping it with a soft cotton cloth (non-abrasive) is enough.
  4. After using any cleaning product, you must rinse the tray with soap and plenty of water in order to remove any traces of cleaning product and ensure sufficient ventilation in your bathroom.
  5. For difficult stains, you can use what are known as “magic erasers” which can be bought from any supermarket.
  6. Avoid all contact with varnishes, nail polish removers, organic solvents, alcohols, acids, alkalis, etc.
  7. If you use hair dye, rinse the shower tray with soap and water once you have finished showering.
  8. To remove any residual limescale that may be in the tray, you can use a domestic limescale remover (VIAKAL), by diluting it with water 1:3 (1L of Viakal per 3L of water) as follows:
    • Remove the steel grating from the drain and apply the mixture of water and limescale remover over the entire surface with a wet cloth.
    • Leave it to work for 15 minutes and after that time rinse with plenty of water.
    • Replace the grating and rinse the shower tray with water once again.

On the other hand, superficial scratches may occur during installation or the tray may deteriorate due to improper use. In these instances, you can request a repair kit, which will require you to specify the colour and texture of the tray needing repaired.

If you are in any doubt about how to clean your Acquabella shower tray or have any other questions about maintaining it properly, do not hesitate to contact us, our technical support will help you to resolve any questions.

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