Quiz, the star of Acquabella's new collection
Quiz, the star of Acquabella’s new collection

Quiz, the star of Acquabella’s new collection

October 2019 | Inspiration, ACQUABELLA, Advice

Geometry as an art form, as abstract as it is real. Harmony and contrast. Futurism and functionality.

Quiz Collection represents the story of Acquabella. 25 years of innovative creations that blend into a unique finish that is formed by different textures set beneath geometric patterns. It results in a surface with an appearance that has never been seen before: the Quiz texture.

This features an innovative design that consists of 3 different high-definition finishes created by Acquabella such as the Beton, Zero and Ethnic textures. The first portrays the appearance of manually handled cement; the second consists of a minimalist microtexture; and the third combines wood and cement. This is thanks to the qualities of Akron®, Acquabella’s patented formula, which allows for top performance in terms of resistance, non-slip and pleasant-to-touch.

Quiz Collection

A combination of textures that create the stunning Smart Quiz shower tray which has a drain hidden in the centre, with a grating that is fully integrated into the shapes of the shower tray. The Quiz product range is completed with the Quiz panel as a wall covering for the shower and basin area.

Additionally, this new texture with the characteristic geometric pattern designed by Acquabella can be applied to other products, such as the SHOW unit and SHOW cabinet.

This decoration is a trend that has burst into the world of interior design, creating dynamic, modern and elegant settings. Almost hypnotically, the geometric designs are able to capture attention at a glance.  Bathrooms with a distinctive personality to create unique spaces.

Avant-garde, creativity and non-conformity is in the Quiz Collection’s DNA. A design that breaks all the established rules, a before and after in the world of bathrooms.

This line characterises Acquabella’s know-how and quality, as well as its willingness to respond to market trends and the expectations of its customers. The company has recognised experience in the sector and is a leader in producing integrated bathroom solutions.

Acquabella has presented its new products at Cersaie, the most renowned fair in Bologna, with a great reception from the public thanks to its spectacular designs and multiple applications.  Visit our website to discover all the details of the Quiz collection.

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