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Submerge yourself in new offers from Acquabella.

Submerge yourself in new offers from Acquabella.

November 2018 | Inspiration, Inspiration, Products, Advice, Advice

The spirit of self-improvement is part of our identity. Our new Acquabella collections spring from loyalty to our style with inspiration from the latest trends in interior design.

New shower trays, countertops and bathroom furniture have joined the Acquabella family. We approached the design process with a large dose of creativity in order to preserve our own style while also adapting to both the latest trends and the needs of our clients without ever losing our focus on quality.

This is how ETHNIC was born, a collection inspired by the neo-rustic bathroom trend. This new texture, which will be available both in panels as well as for other Acquabella furniture and accessories, melts the warmth of wood into the cold, rigid appearance of concrete, an attractive contrast with a pinch of industrial style.

With this style comes one of biggest new items from Acquabella: the CORE shower tray, characterised by a central drain that facilitates installation. The nature-inspired Ethnic texture is perfect to go along with this tray.

On the other hand, the new INTEGRA collection has arrived, inspired by an industrial environment. This collection highlights new bathroom countertop models in standard sizes that run from 80 to 140 centimetres wide, able to adapt to different spaces.

A new system of decoration completes the Integra collection, combining the multiple possibilities of our Akron material with a black tubular metal structure that adds a style at once avant-garde and industrial.

Integra furniture may be combined with One and Infinity countertops and On-Top sinks to achieve the most minimalist pure-line style, or with the same Integra countertop line. In the Akron version, the lower storage area can be selected in any texture or colour, or in a natural walnut model that also allows you to recreate the neo-rustic bathroom trend.

Finally, the new On-Top furniture comes onto the stage with the same minimalist line followed by the rest of the collection. The combination of materials unites elegance with harmony and simplicity, achieving a well-thought out, cutting-edge piece.

All of the above comes with the Acquabella guarantee: a high level of personalisation that allows the user to design his or her own space, using elements such as custom-fit shower trays in different colours and textures, panels, custom-fit countertops, basins, etc.

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