New Acquabella 2022 collection

New Acquabella 2022 collection

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Introducing the range of products for the bathroom with a selection of innovations that stand out due to their versatility and design. Discover the new Acquabella collection 2022.

At Acquabella, we continue firmly on our path of innovation and continuous improvement. In this regard, we will be presenting the 2022 bathroom developments, introducing a range of products capable of satisfying today’s modern bathroom requirements.

Some of the new products were already anticipated at the last edition of the Cersaie trade fair in Bologna, which we were able to enjoy through the inspiring “Acquabella Resort” stand. Now, we are back with more innovations, reaffirming Acquabella’s passion for bathroom equipment design.

acquabella new products 2022 collection chrea freestanding bathtub and basin

Countertop basins

Acquabella presents its new range of On-Top XL bathroom basins, made with Akron®, the innovative material. The On-Top XL modern basins complete the existing collection of countertop basins, a shift that has undoubtedly set the trend in designer bathrooms in recent years.

Round, oval, square and rectangular washbasins are the shapes of these bowl-type basins, characterised by a smooth interior and a slate-textured exterior – Slate – or a cement look – Beton. The customisation of its finish does not end here: you can choose any colour you wish from the more than 2,000 colours that make up its 3 different palettes: Standard, Naturally Made and RAL/NCS. In addition, the On-Top countertop basins offer an On-Top Colours version where we can combine the white interior with a coloured exterior.

acquabella new products 2022 collection basin

New Acquabella 2022 collection: Wellness bathrooms

With the aim of maximising the user’s well-being, the new Chrea series by Acquabella is here. This bathroom set, belonging to the Acquawhite collection, consists of a countertop basin and a freestanding bathtub with rounded shapes and soft edges that bring dynamism to the bathroom.

On the one hand, the Chrea freestanding bathtub has an ergonomic design based on people’s comfort and adaptability to their body shape. If you want a modern bathroom with a bathtub, it’s ideal for you. On the other hand, the bowl-type basin, Chrea Circle XL, adds a touch of personality to the wash area. The Chrea collection combines perfectly with the rest of Acquabella’s products: made-to-measure shower trays, bathroom countertops, basins, panels, bathtubs, furniture and accessories. The result is modern, elegant bathrooms designed by and for people.

Also from Dolotek®, we present the Moiwa bathroom countertop. The Moiwa countertop with integrated towel rack is available in different sizes and allows you to create environments that convey tranquility and hygiene in the bathroom. Both sets are created using Dolotek®, an advanced resin and natural stone material that offers the highest technical performance: resistance, ease of cleaning and antibacterial treatment, while maintaining softness to the touch.

Opal Quiz Colors freestanding bathtub

In addition to the aforementioned releases, there are others aimed at completing Acquabella’s current offering. First, the Opal Quiz freestanding bathtub, winner of the most prestigious design awards (iF Design, Red Dot Design, Iconic, among others), is presented, this time in its Colours version.

acquabella new products 2022 collection freestanding bathtub opal quiz colors

Shower tray with drying area

From Acquabella, we present a new bathroom accessory, expanding the offer of accessories to decorate your bathroom: the drying area. A shower tray with a drying area allows you to expand the shower space and its functionality. Like the shower trays, the drying area is made of a durable, slip-resistant, easy-to-clean resin material, which is also designed with a Slate texture and you can have customise any colour to your taste.

acquabella novedades  2022 plato ducha a medida zona secado

Custom-made countertop

A new integrated basin format is introduced for Acquabella’s well-known Infinity and Infinity 2 made-to-measure countertops: the Round model. The Infinity Round bathroom countertop is a rounded-edged basin for stylish, minimalist bathrooms.

acquabella new products 2022 made to measure shower tray drying area

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