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Mediterranean designs in the bathroom

Mediterranean designs in the bathroom

July 2021 | Inspiration

Simple surroundings, natural elements and nothing artificial, are the main characteristics of the Mediterranean designs in the bathroom. Here are some tips to get the most out of your bathroom’s Mediterranean design.

The smell and freshness of sea air can transport us to a world of calm and seclusion that helps us to reconnect and recharge our batteries. A Mediterranean style has features that enhance these qualities, and if we know how to use it correctly, it can bring the charm of the sea to any space.

The importance of textures in Mediterranean style

In the country villas, tradition has always been the focus of the decorative elements: furniture handmade by local craftsmen with natural island materials, such as wood and natural fibres, natural stone that tempts you to touch its imperfections and masonry walls that appear smooth but are rich with texture. In short, imperfect details that represent perfect harmony.

For bathrooms, materials such as cement, wood or stone stand out, always with white as a backdrop, as you can see below.

Tempo Arabba, plato de ducha a medida de Acquabella

In an environment like this, elements such as the Tempo Arabba shower tray, with a texture that imitates handcrafted fabric blending with the stone, enhance the spirit of this coastal design. The large made-to-measure Infinity worktops, in their Slate finish, which perfectly reflects the feel of natural stone, are also great choices to achieve the Mediterranean bathroom style that we are looking for. With the infinity worktops we have the advantage of being able to choose from a wide range of colours, of which we recommend the Naturally Made selection, inspired by elements of the earth.

Natural lighting as the main element

Natural light is perhaps the most important element in modern interior design, regardless of the design; but it takes on even more personality in a style that was born in a sunny and cool climate such as the Mediterranean.

In addition to the properties discussed in previous articles on the Acquabella blog, in Mediterranean bathroom design, natural light is part of the DNA of the bathroom, flooding the interior spaces and being enhanced by the white that is so characteristic of this style. This light becomes a great source of warmth when it comes into contact with the wooden finishes and earthy tones that crown the decoration in small details or in larger elements such as shower trays and worktops, turning the space into a cool place in summer and a warm and cosy one in winter.

Simplicity to achieve Mediterranean designs in the bathroom

Wicker furniture, wooden beams, whitewashed walls and stone floors are the basis of the country style.

This maritime design is characterised by its many constructive elements integrated into the environment, such as stone benches or structures that serve as bathroom furniture, on which to place a worktop in a stone finish and neutral tone that permeates the room with the essence of the Mediterranean. Niches are also incorporated into the shower space, taking advantage of the characteristic thickness of these walls.

Natural fibres are unique to Ibizan decoration, along with stone finishes and handcrafted glass. We can decorate the area with rugs in earthy tones and add some old glass carafes or stone sculptures, but without filling the space, respecting the simplicity of the space.

If we are lucky enough to have an outdoor area that we can use for growing plants, the native flora of the area will be the finishing touch to the Mediterranean design in the bathroom. We can create a small garden with aromatic plants or have a little more shade and privacy with olive trees, which will enhance the landscape we can see through our bathroom window.

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