Introducing the new website - Acquabella
Introducing the new website

Introducing the new website

August 2020 | ACQUABELLA

Guided by our passion for providing our clients with the best service, at Acquabella we’ve decided to adapt our website, which on many occasions is our clients’ first point of interaction with us. Discover the new website.

Página inicio Acquabella

Constantly prioritising the user experience, we’re introducing a website that maintains the spirit of the previous site. But, there are now notable differences that will create a pleasant browsing experience, where the user can enjoy jumping from tab to tab. Are you ready to discover the new features?

Improved tab usability

We’ve equipped the new website with drop-down tabs that allow direct access to the desired section, shortening the route visitors follow and reducing loading times. There’s now also a much clearer and more visual division.

Welcome, Dolotek®

Haven’t you heard about our new material? We’ve created a materials section where we explain in detail the characteristics, advantages and maintenance of Akron® and Dolotek®, the DNA of Acquabella products.

Nuevo material Dolotek

Interactive zone

The crown jewel. We’ve created a highly interactive section that will give our product presentation an almost game-like feel.

Discover the Acquawhite catalogue from the “interactive catalogue” section. It’s a highly visual catalogue where you can discover our products in detail, complete with environments that will transport you into the photograph thanks to the 360 spaces, hotspots that provide more information on each product and, of course, each series’ products broken down individually.

Catálogo interactivo Acquawhite

On the other hand, the 360 environments transport us to the interior of an Acquabella bathroom, where we can move at will and enjoy a complete view of the room, from floor to ceiling and in all possible directions, with the user in control at all times.

Ambiente Acquabella 360

You’ll find all this and much more if you visit the new website, a page designed for enjoyable browsing. But, since a picture is worth a thousand words, we invite you to take a look at it and see for yourself.

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