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Ideas for the guest bathroom

Ideas for the guest bathroom

February 2021 | Inspiration

Having a small auxiliary toilet at home is very useful. In this article we give you the best ideas for the guest bathroom. You’ll make it look like a hotel bathroom!

Anatomy of a guest bathroom

As a rule, the guest bathroom is small and practical, and if it is well laid out and cared for, it has the potential to offer a great welcoming feeling to anyone who uses it.

Two elements are indispensable in this type of room: the washbasin and the toilet. In the case of the washbasin, we should choose one that fits the dimensions of the bathroom, such as a Mini countertop or the On-top cabinet, or, if we prefer, one which is made-to-measure. A One countertop with a countertop sink may be a good option. As for the toilet, with a suspended one we will save space, and with a decorative touch as in the Acquabella furniture unit, not only will we be able to embellish it, but we will gain a shelf where we can leave the necessary utensils and some ornamental feature.

If your guest bathroom has enough space for a small shower tray, it’s best to get a bespoke shower tray that fits into the bathroom rather than the other way round, to make the most of the space. Separate the shower tray from the rest of the bathroom with a glass screen.


Choose neutral colours. Not only will such colours make the bathroom look bigger, but they are more likely to please the majority of guests, making their environment feel more agreeable. You can take a few more risks with small details, such as the decoration or the washbasin. For example, the On-top washbasin in two colours can give you the bold touch you’re looking for.

Finish off the look of your guest bathroom with flowers, candles, paintings… small details that add warmth to your home.


If the bathroom is small, it is advisable to avoid large storage units. A washbasin unit with a lower shelf like the Integra Akron model, which on being suspended increases the sense of space, is perfect for these cases. If we prefer not to have everything within view, we can opt for a Show type cabinet, with a customisable front sheet, this type of cabinet for the bathroom is very useful for storing small objects.

One thing you should always have in a guest room is toilet paper, but how do you store it away if you don’t have large storage units? A nice wicker basket will solve the problem and add warmth to the room.

With these tips, your guest bathroom will be as pleasant as a five-star hotel bathroom and you’ll get the most out of this space.

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