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Ideas for bathroom wall coverings

Ideas for bathroom wall coverings

May 2021 | Inspiration, Advice

Bathroom walls can make all the difference when it comes to impressing our customers and guests. How many times have we walked into a hotel or restaurant bathroom and been stunned by the style of the bathroom? It is a demonstration of the attention to detail and care that a business has for its customers, and the same could be said of a private home. Undoubtedly, something to bear in mind. Read on and we’ll reveal some tricks to impress your visitors.

Bathroom wall coverings

Acquabella’s bathroom wall cladding panels are a practical solution for those looking for a drastic change without building work.

Designed specifically for the bathroom, Acquabella panels have all the properties of Akron®, an antibacterial material that is hydrolysis resistant and offers great durability.

In terms of design, the options are almost endless. As a material that allows textures to be reproduced in high definition, they are amazingly realistic. You can choose the standard panel model and enjoy the eight Acquabella textures in your bathroom; from natural Slate to the groundbreaking Quiz, not forgetting minimalist Zero and industrial Beton. You can also opt for a brick finish, either in its most vintage version with Muretto Vintage, or in modern take with Muretto Loft. Decor panel combines the warm texture of Ethnic with elegant lines that will give a touch of distinction to your bathroom walls, while Venetian reminds us of traditional Venetian windows.

Customisation is key to Acquabella’s range of bathroom products. Acquabella bathroom cladding panels can be cut to size, giving total freedom in the creation of your bathroom and allowing you to play with the height, shelves and niches, different corner styles … And selecting from more than 2000 possible colours. All that to make sure that Acquabella’s customers can give life to their ideas with the highest quality and versatility.

Glazed bathroom walls

If you are going to do building work and space allows, glazed walls are a great option. Not only will they let in natural light, which is always the best option, but they will also give continuity to the space by creating a link between the indoors and the outside.

You can maintain privacy if, for example, the window overlooks a fenced planter, or if instead of playing with the outside you choose to visually link the bathroom space to the bedroom, separating environments while generating visual breadth and continuity of spaces.

Inspiration for decorating the bathroom

Filling the walls of the bathroom with art is a trend that gives a lot of individuality to this space. Black and white photographs will give it elegance; exotic or animal themes, perfect to evoke adventure; natural pressed flowers for nature lovers; and illustrations for the more artistic.

Use a large frame to draw attention to the art or a small frame as a complement. Make a collage with several pictures; you can tell a story, for example, how your establishment began, the flora and fauna of the area or your personality as a business or person. Make your bathroom speak about you.

Furniture on the bathroom walls

When renovating a bathroom, it is essential to remember your storage needs. Whether you need to store a lot or not very much, wall-mounted furniture is a good option. It is not only practical and decorative, it also gives a feeling of spaciousness by keeping the floor clear.

At Acquabella we have a wide range of furniture and accessories for the bathroom with very well thought out designs and numerous customisation options. Take, for example, the Show cabinet and cupboard, two wall-mounted elements to which you can add an Akron® front in any of the eight Acquabella textures and in more than 2,000 colours.

Shelves are also necessary in the bathroom, especially in the shower area. That’s why Acquabella has developed three different models to suit every need: the Corner Showcorner shelf, the simple Show shelf and the versatile Box shelf, which has hidden hooks on which to hang thins like sponges, shower utensils or towels.

With these tips you will be closer to creating a bathroom that impresses everyone and that speaks of you.

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