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How to choose the right shower tray? (I)

How to choose the right shower tray? (I)

July 2019 | Inspiration, ACQUABELLA

Bathrooms with shower trays are currently on trend. Our fast-paced lifestyles make having a quick shower the most common, leaving relaxing baths for the weekend.

Due to the wide variety on offer, we need to know what aspects are key, as on the market we can find excellent quality shower trays to models that can cause real problems after they are installed.

6 Key methods for choosing your shower tray

Shower tray composition

Today there are various materials and composites. From the more traditional acrylic showers trays through to elaborate composites with mineral fillers, to high-end materials such as Solid Surface.

The key to choosing between one material or another should be their quality, the impact resistance they provide, as well as how they adapt after installation.


This is one of the most important aspects, since this is the part of the shower tray that will be in constant contact with water, cleaning agents and ourselves.

Currently there are different types of surface coating, with paint and gel coats being the most common. Here, we must be very clear that each of them has different sorts of qualities.


The grade of non-slip of a shower tray shows us how slippery it can be, and therefore, how safe it is.

This property is classed from 1 to 3, being less slippery the higher the grade of non-slip. Therefore, we garner that a class 3 shower tray will be less slippery.

Anti-bacterial treatment

Practically any quality shower tray has an anti-bacterial surface treatment. This prevents the spread of bacteria and fungi which is important for our own hygiene, so it is worth checking whether it has this.

Evaluation of VOC emissions and silica-free material

Other health effects that we have to be very careful about are volatile organic compounds (VOC), which are all the volatile emissions released from solvents at room temperature that are harmful to the environment and our own health. Another issue is the inclusion of silica in the composition of the body of the shower tray. This can cause serious health issues since cutting materials such as quartz can create harmful particles that cause respiratory problems.

Both issues should be paramount for our own health and for the environment.

Class 1 Regulations

This CE mark assures us that the shower tray complies with the product’s legal and technical requirements. This is achieved through the standard BS EN 14527. It is the most comprehensive marking corresponding to Class 1 shower trays and includes testing their resistance to chemical agents and stains, load stability, water drainage and thermal resistance.

If you are going to buy a new shower tray do not forget to take these 6 key aspects into account. Enjoy a modern and safe bathroom!

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