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High definition textures for your shower tray

High definition textures for your shower tray

April 2019 | Inspiration, ACQUABELLA, Advice

Surprising colours, linear geometric shapes and textures that merge to create a perfect space.

In recent years there has been a growing interest in extra-flat textured shower trays. Traditional shower trays have been left behind and textures have become the new must-have. Textures that are reminiscent of natural materials and which bring character to our bathrooms.

Acquabella, a pioneer in the design and manufacturing of shower trays, has produced a full range of textures with multiple combinations in terms of models, measurements, and colours, which give your bathroom a captivating look that is full of elegance.

In this post you will discover the different shower tray finishes that best suit your tastes and personality.

Personalise your shower tray

Did you know that the Acquabella’s resin is made up of polyurethane and mineral fillers which allows shower trays to obtain high definition textures? The Acquabella R+D+i team has developed a unique formula to manufacture all of its products, which is patented under the name Akron. This mixture, together with its acrylic polyurethane coating, guarantees a solid and non-slip finish without giving up the extraordinary textures. Safety and versatility can go hand in hand.

ETHNIC is the latest texture developed by Acquabella and it represents one of the trendy materials in decoration and design: the wood finish. The ETHNIC collection combines the warmth of the wood with the rigid cement to get a bathroom in the purest industrial style. If you want to give your bathroom a natural and neo-rustic touch, this is the texture for you!

The cement look comes in the form of a shower tray with the BETON texture. The cement look gives an industrial and cutting-edge style. It gives your bathroom a handmade and crafted style with the shower tray as the main highlight.

If you are looking to bring a simple look to your shower, the SLATE texture is for you. It creates an elegant and even slate surface. These trays have already become a classic thanks to their great versatility.

Do you want a finish that evokes new feelings? The innovative NUDE texture is an accurate reproduction of natural skin, creating a unique effect in your bathroom. This shower tray is aimed at those who are looking to add an original touch as well as some elegance to their shower area.

ARDESIA is designed for those who are passionate about nature in all its forms. Inspired by the very slate extracted from Italian region of Tuscany, the ARDESIA texture will leave an impression due to its natural stone look. Natural and sophisticated, in a single texture.

But what if yours had minimalism which was raised to its full potential? The ZERO texture is a smoothly finished micro-texture that doesn’t lose the essence of its character. A neat and innovative finish for your shower area.

The next step is to choose the best combination of textures and shower tray models from the Acquabella range.

Once chosen it is time to decide the measurements of the shower tray. Here the possibilities are endless as Acquabella lets you design a bespoke shower tray, making the most of every inch in your bathroom regardless of its size or shape. Also, do not hesitate to give your bathroom a touch of colour by choosing from the standard colour chart or from the Naturally Made colour range. Or, if you dare to use any colour, choose the one you want from the RAL or NCS colour charts.

Discover all the possibilities that Acquabella can provide for your shower area and download the 2019 general catalogue with the latest full collection of products, available on our website.

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