Health and hygiene in the bathroom, antibacterial properties

Health and hygiene in the bathroom


A germ-free bathroom? Learn about the easy-to-clean and antibacterial properties of Acquabella products for making your bathroom a safe space.

Hygiene has become a challenge that we all must face during these times. As safety has become such a priority, it is of vital importance that our homes be as sterile as possible. This becomes even more important in a space like the bathroom, where a lot of moisture is produced, and hygiene is a particularly important issue.

The design and development of the product is once again a fundamental process for determining the performance and final finish of the material. Acquabella’s R+D+i team is dedicated to developing safe bathroom materials that protect people’s health. 

That’s why we published this post to tell you about all the advantages of having Acquabella in your bathroom and thus making your home germ-free.

Antibacterial certificate

Acquabella’s products are manufactured using an advanced material called Akron, a compound of polyurethane resin and mineral fillers used to mould a product that is highly resistant. The material offers a number of excellent qualities; it is pleasant to the touch, anti-slip and resistant to thermal shock, hydrolysis and impacts, but most importantly of all is the treatment used on the surface that gives it antibacterial properties.

This treatment enabled Akron to pass the tests for the measurement of antibacterial activity, in accordance with ISO 22196:2011, qualifying it as a product that prevents the proliferation of this type of microorganism. A technical property that is a vitally important safeguard for protecting everyone at home, now more than ever.

Easy to clean

The composition of the material is not the only decisive factor for keeping our bathroom fittings germ-free. A technical cleaning test was carried out in accordance with the regulations in section 5.2 of UNE-EN 14527, demonstrating that the materials do not have edges and/or recesses that allow the accumulation of dirt, which would make it difficult to clean them properly. These properties would enable bacteria to multiply and thus endanger our health. Thankfully, Akron passed the aforementioned test, thus demonstrating how easy it is to clean. Keeping spaces clean is vital for protecting everyone’s health.

Cleaning and disinfection

At Acquabella, we advise our customers to follow the cleaning and disinfection instructions for correct maintenance of the products. They specify that you should not use any cleaning products that contain solvents, acids, alkalis or abrasives. This may seem to contradict what we all understand about disinfection, but there is in fact a wide selection of cleaning products that can safely remove bacteria without damaging the product surface. If you are looking to deep clean your bathroom, remember to use delicate disinfectant surface cleaners that do not contain bleach (such as Sanytol and similar) and use non-aggressive detergents or neutral soap for regular cleaning.

If you would like to know more about these and the other technical properties of our products, take a look at the technical information in our general catalogue.

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