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A step towards a greener future: Acquabella is committed to renewable energy

May 2024 | Inspiration

At Acquabella, we believe it is essential to meet present needs without compromising future generations, which is why we work consistently and conscientiously towards creating a sustainable environment. This time, we are taking another step forward in our journey towards more responsible business practices by announcing that our company will use 100% renewable energy in its production centers to ensure a more sustainable and environmentally friendly process.

100% renewable energy

The decision to switch to renewable energy sources reflects Acquabella’s commitment to corporate social responsibility. By choosing green energy, we reduce our carbon footprint, actively contributing to the fight against climate change. Furthermore, this measure demonstrates Acquabella’s position as a pioneer in adopting sustainable practices and its ability to set trends in the industry.

This initiative, led by ES Group, has obtained the Guarantee of Origin (GO) certification for all the companies within this conglomerate, including Acquabella.

What are Guarantees of Origin?

Obtaining the Guarantee of Origin certification recognizes that the energy used comes exclusively from renewable sources such as solar, wind, hydroelectric, or biomass. This certificate provides consumers with the reassurance that they are partnering with a company committed to environmental protection and sustainable development.

Memoria sostenibilidad RSC Acquabella

Acquabella on the Path to Sustainability

The use of renewable energy in our production centers adds to a series of initiatives that our company has been developing recently. We are not only concerned with offering high-quality products but also with their impact on the world around us.

One of the measures taken has been to subject our shower trays and countertops to a thorough study with the aim of obtaining the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). This represents an exercise in transparency, allowing us to understand the environmental impact of the product throughout its life cycle. In this regard, our materials are formulated with the utmost care for both the environment and human health. Thus, the raw materials used do not contain silica in their composition, ensuring a safe and non-harmful option for the health of workers and users. Additionally, our material is labeled as class A+, meaning it emits zero or very low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that pollute the air.

Regarding our processes, we were recently awarded the Silver Medal for Sustainability Rating by EcoVadis, following an evaluation of areas such as environment, labor practices, business ethics, and responsible supply chain. Finally, the company also ensures environmental protection and pollution prevention in its processes through an Environmental Management System endorsed by the UNE-EN ISO 14001 standard.

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