Create your bathroom with Acquabella: the new 3D planner - Acquabella
Create your bathroom with Acquabella: the new 3D planner

Create your bathroom with Acquabella: the new 3D planner


The Spanish shower tray manufacturer is launching a new tool that will enable users to visualise projects carried out with Acquabella products: the 3D planner.

After a year that has put us all to the test, Acquabella has decided to focus on innovation and new technologies, to continue bringing the Acquabella experience to its customers. The brand is unveiling its new 3D planner today which joins the recent launch of an unprecedented virtual tour that promises to be very impressive, to say the least.

100% customisable

The new 3D planner tool is embedded in the “interactive area” of the company website, at, an area that continues to grow. It offers a very user-friendly and intuitive interface that allows you to create a very faithful rendition of the space you want to design. All you need are the measurements of the bathroom, then the program will allow you to draw it in a simple way. Pillars, asymmetrical walls, windows, building shelves… Any element can be reproduced in the planner.

Once the plan has been drawn up, the Acquabella 3D bathroom planner will offer you a wide selection of colours, flooring and tiling so you can customise the style as you like. It also has a significant library of different items to complete your bathroom, from wall-mounted radiators and toilet roll holders to sanitaryware.

After this step, all you will need to do is choose the Acquabella product you are interested in. You can customise the size, colour, texture and finish, and the resulting image of the product will be incredibly realistic.

Create your bathroom with Acquabella

Once you have everything set up and are happy with the result, you can move the camera position to look at it from every angle, and you can even enter the room to get a real sense of what your Acquabella bathroom will look like. Now all that’s left is to download the PDF, which will arrive in your mailbox with a detailed list of the products used and a rendered image of your project, similar to a real photo of the space.

Acquabella offers customers their worktops, sings, bathtub and the entire range of shower trays in this initial version, but they will be expanding the range of products over the next few months to offer the entire Acquabella and Acquawhite catalogue.

If you are thinking of renovating your bathroom, take advantage of this tool and try out the Acquabella 3D planner .

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