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Bathroom trends for 2023

December 2022 | Inspiration

It’s time to discover the bathroom trends for 2023. If you are thinking of renovating this room and want to find out about the latest trends, keep reading.

Time to switch off

A key need for 2023 is one that already emerged in 2020 and continues to gain momentum: the need to get back to basics, reconnecting with ourselves and with nature. This need will be reflected in the bathroom trends of 2023, in terms of materials, colours and shapes. The spa-bath concept is stronger than ever.

Cuarto de baño Acquabella colores cálidos plato ducha Natur Wave bañera Voss Acquawhitte

Environmentally-friendly and natural materials

Society is becoming more and more conscious of its environment, and companies are echoing this trend. Users want the products they buy to be of the highest quality and design, but also to be environmentally responsible.

Along these lines, we will see a lot of wood and other materials with a natural aesthetic, such as the Artic modular unit and the Urban basin unit, in elm and oak wood finishes respectively, or the high-definition textures from Acquabella, which faithfully reproduce the imperfections that make nature unique, most prominent in the Slate and Wave models.

Lavabo alto Delia Zero

Among the bathroom trends for 2023, priority will be given to products that are environmentally responsible, both in terms of their manufacturing processes and their components and life cycle. The Acquabella shower trays stand out particularly in this aspect: they have a service life of at least 50 years and are easily repairable, efficiently manufactured and created with natural mineral fillers and Eco resin, made from recycled PET plastic bottles, opening a window to the circular economy.

Bathroom trends for 2023: colours

The neutral and timeless colours that were on trend in 2022 will continue to be the favourites of 2023, but leaning increasingly towards earthy tones, such as those offered in Acquabella’s Standard and Naturally Made colour ranges. In this case we will see a clear connection with nature; a return to simplicity and our origins. The great advantage of this trend is that it creates timeless spaces.

As a counterpoint to the earthy colours, we will also find a more vibrant alternative that opts for bold and energetic colours, such as pinks, blues and greens. This trend is evident in Pantone’s choice for Colour of the Year, Viva Magenta, a colour inspired by nature at its most vibrant, radiating joy and optimism.

pantone color of the year tendencias 2023 en el cuarto de baño Viva Magenta con bañera Acquabella

To follow the 2023 trends without falling into fast fashion, you can mix both styles, opting for neutral and earthy colours as the base design of your bathroom, adding hints of more vibrant colours for a casual but light touch.

Organic shapes and curves in the bathroom

Curved lines will be taking centre stage in bathroom decoration for 2023. The bold trend is still on the rise, bringing softness to traditional hard corners and helping spaces to merge, giving the room a dynamic aesthetic. Along these lines grooved textures are becoming the dominant feature, taking over from the classic textured glass, leading to numerous fronts in an organic style with undulating lines. Acquabella’s new Hera panel is a clear example of this trend, as is the Infinity Round bathroom countertop, with its oval basins, and the new Areia Slate Evo, Unic Slate, Halo Slate and Natur Wave shower trays, all of which feature curved lines and dynamic shapes.

We will also see more and more interior design products inspired by architectural styles. And the key architectural influence in 2023 will be Art Deco, filling all interiors, including bathrooms, with elegance and sophistication. The Unic Slate shower tray, with its rounded shapes, is the best example of this style in the Acquabella catalogue: an with a gentle drop frames the shower tray, and the rounded shapes produce the design that culminates in three possible grids, all of them with curved lines and delicate patterns that guarantee a shower tray with good drainage, emphasising the organic design so characteristic of Art Deco.

Diseño cuarto de baño amarillo y azul

Finally, we will end this article by reminding you that simplicity is also a trend. Well-designed basic elements are always in demand. Uncomplicated and reliable products that enhance bathroom routines with small details. In this sense, Acquabella products once again take front and centre in 2023. Shower trays, basins and countertops are simple products, offering great quality and functionality, but the extra little details, such as textures and colours, make all the difference.

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