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Five bathroom trends for 2021

Five bathroom trends for 2021

December 2020 | Inspiration

The bathroom trends for 2021 have been strongly influenced by the significant changes we experienced in 2020. This year has been challenging, and now it’s time to adapt.

The bathroom takes on a greater importance in 2021, as personal hygiene has come to the fore. We are spending more time at home and we are immersing ourselves in the culture of well-being, where the most important thing is finding an emotional balance between home, work, family and social life.

The centre of well-being at home is the bathroom, as it is a room that you use on a daily basis, and where you spend time alone. This means that it becomes a refuge where we can re-establish our emotional balance.

Here are five trends that will fill the bathroom with the serenity required for 2021.


For a few years now, Eastern aesthetics have been intertwined with Western culture, giving rise to wonderful interior designs that are highly functional, and based on Zen philosophy. In this respect, the trend known as “japandi” has been growing in 2020, such that it will be able to burst onto the scene in 2021 as a style that is here to stay.

Cannage is another trend that has a strong presence. It seeks to create a balance between tradition and modernism, between past and present. The aim of cannage is to adapt handcrafted wickerwork to suit current needs. It does this perfectly, as it is a style that has successfully adapted to minimalism, boho and country, giving rise to new visions such as warm minimalism.

But if the new styles for 2021 have one thing in common, it is slow deco, which aims to get rid of excess, seeking simplicity and enjoying what is essential.


Colours are the foundation of decoration. The bathroom trends for 2021 highlight the contrast between black and white, with the option of playing with grey scale. But if you want a warmer bathroom, earthy and soft tones have a strong presence in 2021: beige, cream, light brown, etc. In this respect, Acquabella provides its range of Standard and Naturally Made colours, the perfect palette for creating a bathroom that is both trendy and timeless. These tones successfully stand the test of time.


In 2021, we want to reconnect with nature, which is why wood finishes and natural and organic materials are everywhere, such as wicker details, natural fibre carpets or plants. Antibacterial materials such as Akron® or Dolotek® are also more important now. This is a type of detail that must be taken care of, especially in projects that are designed to deal with a large influx of people, such as hotels or restaurants.

 Textures that evoke nature are also part of the bathroom trends for 2021, especially in terms of the walls. Panels that have the Ardesia, Slate, Ethnic or Arabba textures, and which are easy to install, are the ideal option for this trend. This is then combined with lighting, as the aim is to provide natural or adjustable light that creates a relaxing atmosphere and reinforces the effect of the textures on the materials.

Bathroom fittings

Shower trays continue to be ever more popular, due to their practicality. In 2021, shower tray installations that are flush with the floor are everywhere, giving a feeling of spaciousness. For this purpose, made-to-measure shower trays are the best option, as they can be recessed and adapted to suit any corner.

Baths have made a comeback in the most spacious bathrooms, especially free-standing ones. They have simple shapes and basic lines, but they are not boring, as they seek purity, elegance and design.

Discreet transparent screens, with a black profile for those who are more daring, separate the bath area from the rest of the bathroom, and double sink counter tops help us share the bathroom when it’s busy. All this is finished off with gold or matt black taps.


Discreet and suspended, with a wood finish. Those are the principles to follow, according to the bathroom trends for 2021. We want furniture that blends in with the environment so as not to ruin the harmony. Similar to the idea of built-in shower trays, suspended furniture provides space and a sensation of cleanliness, as it leaves the floor clear.

As a novelty, furniture that used to be found in other areas of the house now moves into the bathroom, where space allows. Stools, carpets, dressers and armchairs will surprise us, as they bring a touch of elegance to the bathroom, along with new functionalities.

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