Acquabella worldwide struggle against coronavirus
Acquabella and its Quiz Collection in the fight against the coronavirus in the world

Acquabella and its Quiz Collection in the fight against the coronavirus in the world


Acquabella is helping to respond to the international emergency crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic

From the beginning of the health alert, Acquabella was paying close attention to the emergency situation being experienced by society and took the initiative to manufacture protective equipment for health workers.

Now Acquabella is making an even greater commitment by announcing that, until 31 July, they will donate 3% of all sales from the Quiz Collection to organisations and foundations who are working to support the fight against the coronavirus and the effects of the pandemic on the lives of families.

“This collection has brought us a lot of joy as a company over the past year and we would like to see it become something that benefits everyone” | Acquabella

This collection includes the Smart Quiz shower tray, a model that has been internationally recognised for its innovative design and has already become the brand’s flagship product.

Worldwide charity projects

The company’s donation will support a wide variety of different charity projects. The contributions will be directed to causes in each of the markets where the charity campaign products are purchased.

“We are a company that exports products and we are currently facing an issue that has no borders. That is why we believe that all actions must be global” | Acquabella

The proceeds will provide critical support to those groups who are under most threat from the outbreak and those who are suffering collateral damage from the pandemic.

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