Acquabella interactive catalogue: a new way to get to know the product
Acquabella interactive catalogue: a new way to get to know the product

Acquabella interactive catalogue: a new way to get to know the product

January 2021 | Uncategorized, ACQUABELLA

Acquabella, manufacturer of bathroom products, is employing brand new technology to launch the Acquabella interactive catalogue, an innovative and dynamic way of presenting its products.

With specialised trade fairs cancelled, Acquabella has been able to weather the storm and adapt to the situation, making use of new technology to continue offering professional and attentive customer service. That is why they are presenting the Acquabella interactive catalogue, a dynamic and visual format which the user can easily navigate to learn more about every detail of Acquabella’s bathroom products.

The experience begins in the Acquabella interactive catalogue

When the Acquabella interactive catalogue begins, we can choose both our language and the catalogue we are most interested in: Acquawhite, the collection made with Dolotek, pure white and extremely smooth to the touch, or the new 2021 general catalogue, with all Akron products by the brand, including new products.

The company’s values, the personality implicit in each of the textures, the available colour chart and the index with all of Acquabella’s bathroom solutions fill the first page of this virtual catalogue. If, for example, we select the Acquabella custom shower trays section, we can see a careful presentation with the enlarged image of each of the custom shower trays, images which let you truly appreciate the quality of the textures and the finish.

Feeling the product

Each product is accompanied by a small video that reminds us of where it came from, the inspiration of its creators, and gives us a great sense of comfort, reinforced by the slogan that accompanies each of the bathroom solutions. When scrolling, we get to find out more and more details about the product, thanks to the high quality photographs of both the product and the environment, 360º videos, heat maps with pop-ups that offer us the possibility of expanding the information on the product page, the diagrams and sketches, and the zoomed photograph of the texture.

A total of six main categories are shown in the initial index of the Acquabella interactive catalogue: custom-made shower trays, panels, worktops, washbasins, furniture and accessories, and shower columns. In each of these families, all the products for the bathroom that the Acquabella brand offers are shown, and in them we can discover different finishes, textures, colours… Through a playful experience that is as relaxing as it is indulgent.

For those that prefer the classics, Acquabella also offers the possibility of downloading a more traditional catalogue from its resources section, where the latest brochures and brand catalogues can be found.

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