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Acquabella Box Concept: An easy-to-install shower space

Acquabella Box Concept: An easy-to-install shower space

August 2021 | Advice, ACQUABELLA

Did you know that the Acquabella panels were originally designed to easily replace the bathtub with a shower tray? In this article we go back to the origins to tell you about the Box Concept by Acquabella, which allows for a simple and complete renovation of the shower space.

Today Acquabella cladding panels are much more versatile, and can be used to revamp any wall in the bathroom, or indeed any other room in the house. However, it was originally designed for the shower area.

Acquabella Box Concept

When changing a bathtub for a shower tray, we risk a major amount of work, as unless it is a free-standing bathtub, the brick walls are exposed, forcing us to tile not only the damaged area, but also the entire shower space and sometimes the whole bathroom itself, as we must remove the old tiles.

There is an easy way to avoid this work: the Box Concept by Acquabella. This Concept consists of replacing the bathtub with an Acquabella shower tray and finishing the work with cladding panels up to 250 centimetres high, which can be cut to size. With Acquabella panels, you don’t need to tile or remove any old tiles, just level the wall with a little quick-setting mortar, allow it dry and install the panels with the special glue. Feel free to visit our installation video for details.

Acquabella cladding panels can be cut to size not only lengthwise, but they can be made to fit into any nook and cranny, just like shower trays, and can be shaped to fit pillars, steps, unusual angles, etc. This is one of their many advantages, as they are also resistant to hydrolysis, i.e. the material is not damaged by contact with water, even if it penetrates inside; they are also resistant to thermal shock, impacts, and are antibacterial. These advantages extend to the shower trays and, in general, to the entire range of Akron®products, the resin and mineral filler material patented by Acquabella.

Designs for the bathroom

Acquabella’s Box Concept allows for multiple design possibilities. We can choose from 13 types of resin shower trays and 5 patterns of bathroom cladding panels , with eight different textures and all available in more than 2,000 colours.

To achieve an effect of continuity that generates visual space and provides homogeneity, we can choose a shower tray and a cladding panel of the same colour and even the same texture. For example, a Core Ethnic shower tray accompanied by an Ethnic or Ethnic Decorpanel, all in the same shade, or a Quiz panel combined with the Smart Quiz shower tray to create an eye-catching, well-integrated space.

Another option is to play with different textures and colours, or even with the shape of the bathroom itself. We can combine different panel models and harmonise, with the same colour or vice versa, various colours with the same finish.

Think big

If you like the finish, why not apply the Box Concept to the rest of the bathroom? Cladding panels can help us to define a space, such as the washbasin area. We can also choose to cover the walls of the entire bathroom, adding a touch of originality by dispensing with classic tiles.

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