6 Trends in bathroom design for 2022
Trends in bathroom design for 2022

Trends in bathroom design for 2022

December 2021 | Inspiration

Are you looking for inspiration for a bathroom renovation? Would you like to hear what the dominant trends in interior design and architecture will be in 2022? This article gives you the keys to an on-trend bathroom.

Fashions change and with them home decor and equipment. The home has seen big changes in recent years, evolving to reflect the times. And spaces will continue to change and will carry some of the trends 2021’s seen in decoration a step further on.

It’s time to bring together the interior design and architecture trends that will take the lead in 2022.

Here are the six bathroom decoration trends that we will see in 2022

Trend 1: Eclectic interiors in contemporary bathrooms

Trends in bathroom design for modern and eclectic bathrooms. Black bathroom with circular countertop basins, wall covering panels and resin shower tray.

Why stick to a single style? Eclectic schemes will continue to be fashionable in bathroom interior design. Being eclectic means combining styles from different periods in a way that respects the history of each style. For example, you could put modern bathroom furniture with vintage furniture, minimalist textures with retro patterns, technology with artisan pieces… and so on – thousands of possibilities.

That means you don’t have to strip out your whole bathroom to give it a completely up to date makeover. With an approach based on customisation, Acquabella offers a wide range of products to allow you to have a bathroom in any style using texture, colour and shape, getting a space that is rich in detail and character. Give your creativity its head!

Trend 2: Organic, natural design

Trend in bathroom design: organic design. Bathroom with freestanding bathtub and textured wall covering panels.

Designs inspired by nature will march ahead next year. Organic, sustainable materials will be a leading trend in bathroom design in 2022: wood will be key, used in bathroom furniture, walls, floors and decoration.

We will also see the rise of craftsmanship, with a move to buy local and handmade as a throwback to an earlier age. And in fact, Acquabella’s Arabba texture, as seen in the Tempo shower tray, was inspired by the most artisan pieces.

Trend 3: The age of Wellness in the bathroom

Trends in bathroom design: wellness bathroom. Bathroom with oval resin countertop basin, resin countertop and wall covering panels.

Not so long ago, the term “wellness bath” might have evoked a cold, clinical space. However, that notion has given way to a more intimate, personal approach with architecture that is still minimalist but now with a turn to warmer colours.

So, we will hear a lot from warm minimalism, clearly inspired by Japanese interiorl design, like Japandi and Wabi Sabi, playing with soft, earthy, neutral tones like beige, cream and light brown. Acquabella is able to achieve a feeling of wellbeing thanks to its Standard and Naturally Made colour palettes: ranges that are perfect for creating relaxing, welcoming bathroom environments.

Trend 4: Open-plan shower spaces

Trend in bathroom design: open spaces. Wide bathroom with resin shower tray and free-standing resin bathtub.

For small and big bathrooms alike, the latest trends in bathroom design are all about spaciousness and avoiding clutter. For that, a made-to-measure shower tray is the best choice for a open concept space. Stone resin shower trays can be built in and shaped to fit any corner.

If you prefer a bathtub (or a shower tray and bathtub together), we have seen how this classic has been redesigned to take on new modern, elegant shapes in freestanding bathtubs. Simple, elegant lines – as seen in the bathtubs in Acquabella’s Acquawhite collection – or much more innovative tubs, like the Opal Quiz bathtub – also by Acquabella – whose hypnotic geometric design has won numerous international awards.

Trend 5: Neo Art Deco in interior design

Trend in bathroom design: curved design and arches. Colourful bathroom with oval countertop basin, round mirrors, textured bathroom countertop and wall covering.

Home decor and architecture with curved lines won’t just survive in 2022, they will become even more popular. This trend is inspired by a revitalised version of the sumptuous Art Deco of the 1920s, full of vibrant colours, exaggerated curves, arches and linear patterns. Fairly eccentric spaces that we will see in much calmer versions, with light colours and pastel shades. Soft-edged furniture and decor will complement other angular pieces and bring a romantic feeling to spaces.

In line with the trend, Acquabella suggests introducing curves to your 2022 bathroom design with the On-Top XL collection of countertop washbasins in round, square, oval and rectangular formats.

Trend 6: Natural stone and marble

Trends in bathroom design: large wall coverings. Bathroom with resin shower tray and wall covering panel with texture.

Large format wall covering will continue to be a big trend in interior design in 2022 and we will see them being used in the most elegant bathrooms. Luxury and sophistication will be brought to life through natural stone and marble on walls and floors.

Today we have technologies that enable us to produce technical materials that have all the elegance of natural stone with many extra advantages, including being lighter, versatility, antibacterial treatments, ease of repair and anti-slip. A good example is Akron®, the material created by Acquabella that can recreate the beauty of natural stone in bathroom fittings: made-to-measure shower trays, made-to-measure countertops, wall panels, countertop washbasins, freestanding bathtubs, bathroom furniture and accessories.

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