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Character and sophistication come together in a unique environment. If there is one thing we are sure of, it is the sense of empowerment that the Venet Collection provokes. Thanks to the details sculpted into its base, this composition of imposing design products is a demonstration of personality in the bathroom space.

The round washbasin on the Venet Circle countertop will give your bathroom style and elegance along with high technical properties. This sink includes a valve.


Minimum format

Ø 420 mm

Maximum format

Ø 420 mm


122 mm


Thanks to the technology developed, the stone that was formed millions of years ago is transformed into durable and elegant modern products. DOLOTEK's characteristics of use are superior to those of traditional materials, which is why it is often referred to as "ceramics of the 21st century". Formed from a resin and dolomite stone, the result is a pure white, soft-touch material.

DOLOTEK’s chemical and physical properties enable the manufacture of technically high-quality products, as well as moulding these products into complex shapes within a functional design to make our everyday lives easier. DOLOTEK’s efficient, environmentally friendly and technological production process is unmatched across the entire bathroom sector.


* The colours shown in the images on the website are approximate. The appearance of the material may vary slightly from that shown in the photographs.




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