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The new INTEGRA collection is completed with a new series of countertops in standard sizes, wich includes integrated basin. All the models that make up the collection are presented in Slate texture, a texture that faithfully reproduces the elegant and homogeneous slate.

The Integra 2 worktop has two integrated washbasins, with standard lengths of 1200 and 1400 mm; It is available in two versions: without skirt (SF) and with skirt of 120 mm (CF). With two washbasins of standard size of 500×267 mm.


Minimum format

1200 mm

Maximum format

1400 mm


120 mm (CF)
13 mm (SF)


465 mm


500x267 mm


Naturally made colors

RAL/NCS Colors






* The colours shown in the images on the website are approximate. The appearance of the material may vary slightly from that shown in the photographs.

Downloads INTEGRA 2


  • What products may I use to clean the worktops AKRON Acquabella after the installation ?
    To clean any traces of glue and cement mortar use a descaler called Fugasoap (KERAKOLL), DETERTEK from FILA brand, because it is specific for the removal of debris from construction works, also used for the removal of other components such as salt, rust an limescale, please read the instructions. DO NOT RUB, let the product act; NEVER USE PADS (SCOTCH BRITE, or NATURAL FIBER) nor SOLVENTS, ACID, ALKALI OR ABRASIVE. After cleaning, rinse thoroughly and ensure sufficient ventilation of the bathroom. It is not dangerous for the user an not dangerous for the environment. For more information, you can check our Youtube channel Acquabella Bath.
  • What products may I use to clean my Acquabella AKRON worktops daily ?
    Soap and water applied with a non-abrasive sponge. NEVER USE PADS (SCOTCH BRITE, or NATURAL FIBER) nor SOLVENTS, ACID, ALKALI OR ABRASIVE.
  • Is there a solution if the surface of my AKRON Acquabella worktop is damaged ?
    Even we take the utmost care to protect the shower tray during the installation, it is possible that for various reasons the shower tray surface could be damaged. For these cases we have a REPAIR KIT with the same colour and easy application.
  • How to drill the tap hole?
    When placing the order, indicate in a sketch where to locate the tap holes. If it has been ordered without a hole, it can be done on side, protecting the worktop well so as not to damage it by using a drill and a 35 mm diameter metal crown.
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