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How to design a bathroom suite

How to design a bathroom suite

September 2021 | Inspiration

Have you ever thought about merging the bathroom space with the bedroom space? Every day more and more people are taking the plunge and getting a bathroom suite. If you are one of them, please keep reading.

Separating areas

Many hotel bathrooms have an open plan layout with a toilet and sleeping area, and we are seeing this in more and more private residences. However, there has to be a small space which can be used to hide the less attractive elements or those that require more privacy.

Ambiente Vars

With this in mind, you have to ask yourself the following question: Which parts do you want to hide and which ones should you highlight? The possibilities are endless: you can leave only the washbasin in sight, only the bathtub, or even both. You can play with the placement of the shower tray, there is also the possibility to leave all these elements in sight… If you are considering the main room of a house, for example, you might want to leave more elements in sight than if it is a guest room, where you may need to be more mindful of other people’s privacy.

Design is paramount

With this layout, design is of vital importance, both with regard to the layout of products and the products themselves.

We must find an integrating element that serves as a link between all areas of the bathroom suite, and choose another feature to highlight that brings personality to the room, making it a special and welcoming place.

Colour is our friend here, helping us to unify the atmosphere with warm earth tones, soft whites or avant-garde contrasts, while shapes and textures in the bathroom can be the finishing touch that we are looking for. An Opal Quiz freestanding bathtub is a good example of a product that stands out for its shape, and that would blend in with any environment thanks to the correct use of colour.

Maintaining hygiene in the bathroom suite

There are certain details that should be emphasised should you opt for this layout. The first detail is that good ventilation in the room is key. Bathrooms usually create a humid environment which is not recommended for rest, as excessive humidity reduces comfort among other disadvantages.

On the other hand, opting for quality materials is an investment that must be carefully considered. Both Akron® and Dolotek® are two antibacterial materials that help to avoid the problems brought about by humidity, such as the possible appearance of stains, bacteria or bad smells, helping you get better rest.

Bathroom suites help us to optimise space if it is at a premium or, alternatively, provide an amazing effect in spacious rooms.

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