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Turn your bathroom into a bright space

Turn your bathroom into a bright space

May 2019 | Inspiration

Do you want a brighter bathroom, without the need for refurbishment? Take note of these simple tips for a brighter and more spacious bathroom.

The bathrooms of many homes are often located in dingy interior spots of the house – some of which don’t even have windows. In these cases, you need to harness the power of light to lend natural clarity to the bathroom, without having to open windows or make great changes. Here, Acquabella gives you 8 top tips for a brighter bathroom.

Light sources

When your bathroom has a window, you should let the light enter freely and uninterrupted, arranging the room in such a way that the light falls on an area of use or the sink. You can also imitate the entry of natural light with cool lights and LEDs. Porthole lights will be your ally, as they take up no space through being inserted into the ceiling. This is also the case with lights fitted into furniture and mirrors.

Colours that illuminate

Use clear and neutral colours to make your bathroom feel more spacious. White, beige and different shades of yellows and greys are the best colours for reflecting light within a space. They make the room feel brighter and fresher, making them the best option for those bathrooms that are not blessed with lots of natural light. You can also incorporate more white into your bathroom through accessories such as towels, wall lamps and other decorative elements.

Mirror play

Mirrors are key in making your bathroom seem brighter as they provide depth, making the room seem more spacious to human eyes. If you have a small bathroom, put up large, thin-framed mirrors to give a greater sense of depth. Remember to place the mirror opposite the window so as to reflect all the light that enters through it.

Transparent screens

A diaphanous and integrated transparent screen will make the room seem more spacious. Your best bet is to choose an invisible glass screen that allows light to pass through it.

Showers: the ally of small bathrooms

Besides saving water and being better for the environment, showers are essential for achieving a diaphanous space with no visual obstacles. Floor-level shower plates make the room seem brighter and more spacious, especially when lighter tones are used.

Hanging furniture

Don’t fall into the trap of blocking the light with obstacles. The secret lies in selecting few items of furniture so as to optimise the space. As such, you should opt for minimalist and simple lines. Hanging furniture underneath the sink would allow light to circulate freely around the room, making the bathroom seem lighter and more spacious.

Warm and cosy materials

Natural elements are a good way to give your bathroom a warm and cosy atmosphere. Such examples could be wooden floorboards or wooden under-sink furniture. In any case, use light-coloured wood to make the room seem even brighter. Combine the wood with blank pieces for a balanced space.

Keep the bathroom clear

As mentioned above, you must keep your bathroom free of obstacles and let the light circulate freely. To do this, clear the bathroom – especially the centre of the room – allowing the light to spread evenly throughout the room. The room will seem more spacious if you don’t overload the furniture with items. For example, be sure to keep the counter clear and tidy, leaving only a few personal objects on display.

Acquabella provides you with comprehensive solutions for your bathroom. Don’t forget that light gives your house a unique energy!

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