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ACQUABELLA incorporates the EQ software program

ACQUABELLA incorporates the EQ software program

January 2019 | ACQUABELLA

EQ Software is the official program for retailers and distributors in the United Kingdom.

Located in Ashby de la Zouch, North West Leicestershire, EASY QUOTE software was created in the year 2000. EASY QUOTE was the first business management software solution dedicated exclusively to the kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms market.

Compusoft’s EASY QUOTE program developed by Information Technology professionals, as well as industry experts from KBB (Kitchen, Bedrooms & Bathrooms) has become the most important business management tool in the KBB industry.

This software, which has grown in the last ten years as an order management tool is recognised and endorsed by KBSA (Association of Kitchen and Bath Specialists), BMA (Bath Manufacturers Association) and the KBB NTG (National Training Group).

Therefore, EQ Software starts out as a leading provider of customised software encompassing data services and product catalogues for retailers and suppliers.

ACQUABELLA official partner of EQ software

Aware of the need to develop and establish a quality order management system to achieve our main goal, to be unique and different from the rest, Acquabella partners with Compusoft by adopting the EQ Software program to provide retailers with a quick and easy way to manage their orders.

This commitment will speed up and improve order processing for manufacturers and suppliers in the KBB (Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom) industry.

In this way, EQ Software UK users will be able to enter the electronic database and access the products, as well as: product codes, descriptions, available options, accessories, commercial prices for retailers; etc.

Acquabella commitment to quality

This decision is the result of the commitment that exists with our passion and responsibility for quality in search of continuous improvement and the achievement of previously predefined objectives and goals.

Our philosophy embodies our concern for the details and qualities of our products. We have a passion for our work which manifests itself in jobs which are well done.

At Acquabella, we follow the latest trends in design without compromising on the high standards of quality and customer service which have allowed us to export our creations to the most demanding places in the world.

After 20 years of research, our mission remains that of adapting to the customer’s changing needs without losing our own style. We strive to continue predicting and anticipating future market needs.

Our processes, packaging, designs, products, as well as our textures and formulations are the result of the continuous and permanent process of innovation that we are known for.

Acquabella was created with the idea of bringing bathroom spaces to life. Our designs and creations continue to awaken the emotions and interest of the most sophisticated customers.

All this promoted by the strength of our team. Their enthusiasm, creativity, dedication and professionalism have made us who we are: daring, innovative, creative, rigorous and global.

Therefore, with the inclusion of the EQ Software program for the United Kingdom, we will continue to provide the professional attention that each of our customers and projects deserves. The best for the best.

Because, at Acquabella, we always fully engage with and are fully committed to the customer.

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