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A journey through the senses

The Dome

A glass dome represents the core of this idyllic journey. A tour of this impressive building offers an unbeatable 360° view of Acquabella's collections. Via the dome you can begin your journey to explore the various incredible interactive scenes.

A journey through the senses

Flow Zero

On the top of a waterfall you will find this building in a modern architectural design with straight and elegant lines. A design that is at the service of water in the same way as the Flow Zero shower tray, capable of evacuating a large amount of water.

A journey through the senses

Core Ethnic

A place to reconnect with nature. This uniquely designed triangular house surrounded by a tropical landscape is home to the Ethnic collection. With a realistic wooden appearance, this texture brings the Core shower tray model and the Ethnic Decor panel to life.

A journey through the senses

Base Beton

A rocky coastal hillside enhances this construction that is characterised by the minimalist style of the Base Beton bespoke shower tray. A space created to capture the avant-garde Beton texture with a cement aesthetic.

A journey through the senses

Base Slate

The sea breeze carries us to this two-storey house inspired by slate, where the Slate texture resurfaces through the bespoke Base model. Two environments united by the versatility of this realistic stone finish.

A journey through the senses

Tempo Arabba

A no-frills collection where the organic is materialised through the Arabba texture. Hand-woven natural fibres that simulate the finish are intensified in this magical tree hut.

A journey through the senses

Base Nude

Harmony, fragility, calm... These are some of the sensations conveyed by the atmosphere created by the Nude texture. A tenderness that is only possible thanks to the recreation of natural skin captured by the Base Nude bespoke shower tray.

A journey through the senses

Smart Quiz

Geometric lines are the main feature of the striking Smart Quiz shower tray design. Bold forms are reflected in the modern architecture of this impressive building. The avant-garde in its purest form.

A journey through the senses

Arq Zero

We continue our journey to the next destination. Among the sand dunes you will find this house that serves as the inspiration for the softness and warmth of the Zero microtexture. A construction with straight lines, just like the framed Arq Zero shower tray.

A journey through the senses

Focus Beton

The Focus Beton bespoke shower tray offers us Art Deco style in its purest form. The sinuous curves of its grate are represented in the panels of this bathroom, which successfully transports the glamour of the 1920s to a 21st century space.

A journey through the senses

Duo Slate

Do you have a romantic side? Then this is the place for you. The Duo Slate shower tray dominates this glazed bathroom with the elegance provided by the slate aesthetic.

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