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The textures

Quiz Texture

QUIZ COLLECTION represents the story of Acquabella. 25 years of innovative creations that blend into a unique finish that is formed by different textures set beneath geometric patterns.

Arabba Texture

The Arabba texture is an authentic demonstration of craftsmanship, the need to return to our roots. Its fabric finish simulates natural hand-woven fibres with the same care that Acquabella employs when making its products.

Ethnic Texture

ETHNIC collection combines the noble and cozy wood with the cold and rigid concrete,obteining as a result an original industrial environment.

Slate Texture

La textura Slate nos transmite una sobriedad en su aspecto reproduciendo una pizarra elegante y homogénea.

Beton Texture

Immerse yourself in the forefront through the new Beton texture with a cement appearance. This texture acquires an artisan and industrial character that gives the product the prominence it deserves.

Zero Texture

This texture is the result of a rigorous work to meet the highest demands of our customers. The Zero texture transmits maximum minimalism without losing its aesthetics by means of a practically smooth microtexture.

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