Solutions for dividing a bathroom into separate spaces
Solutions for dividing a bathroom into separate spaces

Solutions for dividing a bathroom into separate spaces

February 2020 | Inspiration, Advice

Bathrooms are usually spread across one large single space. However, sometimes you can visually divide the room to create separate private spaces, particularly if the bathroom is large enough.

We could say that bathrooms are generally divided into three main areas: washbasin, shower and toilet. Dividing panels, half-height walls, translucent enclosures, doors and even cabinet are some of the architectural and decorative options that are available for creating separate spaces in the bathroom, which is particularly useful if the room is shared.


A nice dividing panel is the best way to separate each area and maintain privacy for every section of the space.

Half-height wall

An excellent way to divide the bathroom into separate spaces without losing a visual sense of spaciousness is to build a small half-height wall. This allows us to separate the washbasin and shower area, hide the toilet or create an attractive enclosure in the shower area.

Industrial enclosures

If you are just looking to separate the space from an aesthetic perspective, industrial enclosures are an excellent idea because they allow you to divide the different spaces or functions of the bathroom, without making them entirely separate. The use of glass enclosures with black aluminium profiles has been on the rise in recent years.


Partitions are also a good solution to separate the shower area more drastically or to create a separate room where the space for the toilet is hidden.


Opaque enclosures are not a good option for small bathrooms because they make the space feel more cramped. However, in large rooms, the installation of translucent or opaque glass enclosures is an excellent alternative for dividing up the space. These pieces allow you to create more privacy for the shower space or a separate area for the bidet and toilet.


One final idea that is very useful for creating separate spaces in the bathroom is to use cabinets. By using tall cabinets you can divide the toilet and washbasin areas into separate spaces.  Mid-height shelving is also an excellent way to create practical partitions without losing any decorative appeal.

At Acquabella we have a wide range of panels, cabinets and other products to help you choose the solution that best suits your needs when dividing your bathroom.

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