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Small bathroom: how to make the most of it

February 2022 | Uncategorized

A small bathroom offers many possibilities if we know how to organise it. We share with you the best ideas for making the most of your bathroom.

Keys to small, modern bathrooms

When tackling a small bathroom refurbishment, the most important consideration will be the components needed-shower stray, sink and toilet-, and adapt the other components based on this distribution.

Cuarto de baño blanco y negro

Custom shower tray: the best choice for a small bathroom

As pleasant as a good bath may be, we regret to say that if you have a small bathroom, the bathtub option will most likely have to be discarded. Instead, you can opt for the shower tray option, which is also more practical for everyday use.

Gone are the days of traditional white porcelain shower trays. Nowadays there are very good quality materials that offer new advantages and many possibilities. Acquabella’s resin shower trays not only have these properties, but are also 100% customisable and can be cut to size. This last feature is of great importance, because if the bathroom is small you should look for products that can be adapted to the room, and not the other way around.

Installation is also important. If we want to gain visual spaciousness, having the shower tray installed flush with the floor is the best option; to do this you need to choose a shower tray without mouldings, such as the Base Slate model. For a perfect finish, we recommend installing a transparent partition.

Finally, we must recommend the Box concept, which consists of giving continuity to the shower area by installing wall panels in the same colour as the shower tray. A sure hit in small bathrooms.

Plato de ducha angular a medida

Bathroom sinks for small bathrooms

We will prioritise small, single-basin worktops and sinks.

Models such as the Mini worktop are perfect for a narrow bathroom, but if you have more space, you can opt for a simple Integra worktop or a worktop sink.

Storage should also be taken into account. In a small bathroom we must make the most of all the space, so you will need a vanity unit. This piece of furniture may have cabinets and drawers, as in the Urban or Integra models, or it may be a single shelf. In any case, our recommendation is that it should be a suspended sink cabinet, which will give a greater sense of spaciousness.

3D bathroom planner

It is no longer necessary to have grand notions of architecture in order to design a plan with all the elements you want to include in your bathroom. Acquabella provides you with a free 3D planner with which you can easily define the measurements of the bathroom, doors, windows and even the inclination of the ceiling and, once the plan is designed, include all kinds of products: resin shower trays, worktops, worktop sinks, bathtubs and even decorative elements. You can also choose the style of the walls and floors and get a realistic photo of the final result. This way you make sure that the products you want fit your small bathroom and you will see the final result beforehand.

planificador 3D para el cuarto de baño

Decorating a small bathroom

In the case of the WC our best asset is to play, once again, with the sensation of visual spaciousness. How do we achieve this? With a suspended and, if possible, recessed toilet.

Once we have completed the final layout, it is the small details that will make the difference.

Choose light and neutral colours. You can highlight a wall, for example the sink wall, to give it a more personal and striking touch, but we recommend that most of the colours are light.

Give preference to objects that have a dual function, such as the Box shelf, which, in addition to a shelf, has hidden hooks that can be used as a coat rack.

Pay attention to lighting: whenever possible, let in natural light and illuminate darker areas with ambient light.

The mirror can be a great ally in a small bathroom, as they help to enlarge spaces visually.

diseño de un cuarto de baño

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