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Six keys to a complete bathroom renovation

Six keys to a complete bathroom renovation

June 2021 | Advice, Proyectos, ACQUABELLA

When it comes to a complete bathroom renovation, there are lots of things to think of. In this article we will give you the six key elements to plan for a problem-free bathroom changeover.

Anyone who redesigned their bathroom knows from experience that lots of things do not go to plan: problems with structure, budget, suppliers … There are some things that we cannot control, but good planning can address many of the problems involved in planning a new bathroom.

Be clear about your needs

Why are redoing your bathroom? Is it because of what it looks like or to make it work better? What’s most important? Is a complete makeover what your bathroom really needs? Those questions are what underpins the project and you must have clear, well thought-out answers so you don’t lose sight of your goal as things move ahead.

Thanks to Acquabella’s box (made-to-measure shower tray + panels), we can create a completely refurbished space

Perhaps what you are looking for is to swap the bath for a shower tray. In that case, you don’t have to completely redo your bathroom. There are solutions that can give an unbeatable result with hardly any work involved. Acquabella’s bathroom cladding panels are extremely versatile, they were originally meant for people who want to replace their bath with a shower tray without having to do any works. Thanks to Acquabella’s box (made-to-measure shower tray + panels), we can create a completely refurbished, contemporary, elegant space that slots perfectly into the bathroom.

If you’re looking for function, the goal may be to install a floor-level resin shower tray, add a shower seat or have wall-hung units for easy cleaning. We can combine these changes to completely redesign the bathroom, but it is essential to be clear about the initial goal and weigh up whether now is the time for a complete redesign.

If you’re looking for function, the goal may be to install a floor-level resin shower tray


Finding the balance between what you want to achieve and what you are willing to spend is not easy. The best thing to do is set a minimum and a maximum figure with a small cushion for contingencies.

The government often offers grants for refurbishment projects. You should check official websites, you might find help to boost your budget.


Without losing sight of the original goal, it is time to determine the style, layout, materials and finishes, etc. that you want. There are many possible options for all of them.

Social media is also a great source of inspiration

Find pictures of other projects for inspiration. Our website has pictures of some previous projects where Acquabella products have been installed. Look for before and after photos, and research the latest trendsas well as the most classic, eclectic and timeless styles until you settle on your own. Make your bathroom a statement about you: a temple of relaxation, a casual corner, a classic, harmonious room, a room where just going through the door is a journey… There are many options, and to narrow them down we recommend a good browse of inspirational blogs like Acquabella’s. Have you read our article “Inspiring destinations for your bathroom decoration“? Social media is also a great source of inspiration: Pinterest, Instagram and Houzz are the best for refurbishment projects. Subscribe to the newsletters of your favourite websites to get inspiration directly in your inbox. Acquabella sends out a monthly newsletter full of ideas and news that you will find very useful.

Product selection and distribution

Make a story board for materials. It will help you to narrow down your product choices. For example, for the bathroom walls you can choose textured cladding panels with a shower tray of mineralised resin, etc. Acquabella offers two materials, Akron® and Dolotek®. Akron® has realistic high-definition textures and endless colours, Dolotek® is soft touch and pure white.

Make a story board for materials

Try different layouts to visualise the outcome. We have an incredible 3D bathroom planner that creates a rendered image of your space.

Finally, we recommend a visit one of our stores to experience each material and product in real life. Contact us and our sales team will be happy to help and send you a list of all the stores near you.

Find the right people

Once you are clear about what you want, the style and your budget, the best thing to do is to find experienced professionals and builders to execute the project in the best possible way. Builders, an architect, an interior decorator… There are many professions that can help with projects.

It is best to clearly explain the project and get three different prices to compare and pick the best one.

Complete bathroom redesign

It’s time to start the works: pick the best start date. Is it better to do it when you are on holiday? Would you prefer it to be done during the week? It’s quite normal for these projects to take longer than planned because things crop up. If you keep that in mind from the beginning you will save yourself problems.

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