Shower trays: the bathroom’s star players - Acquabella
Shower trays: the bathroom’s star players

Shower trays: the bathroom’s star players

February 2021 | Advice

Shower trays are a key element to any bathroom. The fact that we use them every day means that they require certain characteristics, including safety, quality and design.

At Acquabella, as manufacturers of bespoke shower trays, we ensure that our products meet strict quality, strength and safety standards. We also go one step further by blending these standards with our passion for design, helping us to create shower trays that adapt to any space and any style.

Smart Quiz

To celebrate Acquabella’s 25th anniversary, we’ve designed something groundbreaking to reflect the essence of our brand. Three representative textures – the warm Ethnic, the contemporary Beton and the delicate Zero – come together with mesmerising geometric shapes to create the Acquabella shower tray favoured by design professionals.

Smart Quiz has been awarded the top European design and innovation prizes.

Tempo Arabba

One of our new products for 2021. The Tempo Arabba shower tray has been designed so that water is the key feature. Its original drain system sends the water smoothly around the perimeter of the before reaching its sleek, understated drain.

Another differentiating element is the Arabba texture, in a textile finish, which simulates a natural fibre fabric in a clear homage to craftsmanship.

Flow Zero

Soft, delicate, elegant. Simplicity is key with this shower tray, its virtually homogeneous grid easily collects the water flow through the micro-textured surface of the product, transporting us to a place of calm and relaxation.

Core Ethnic

Feel nature at your feet. The Ethnic texture simulates wood strips covered by a thin layer of cement that adds roughness to the texture, as well as an industrial touch. Its rectangular drain is located in the centre of the tray, giving it the name Core Ethnic.

Focus Beton

With its contemporary DNA, the Focus Beton shower tray stands out for its industrial character. Not only because of its texture, which simulates freshly-poured cement, but also because of the design of its drain: a round lid surrounded by a metal ring available in copper, stainless steel, white and black. Pure distinction.

Plato de ducha Focus Beton


Simplicity can be very evocative, and that is what the Base model demonstrates. A surface whose texture is its key characteristic. The cement look of the Beton texture, the naturalness of the Slate texture, the elegance of the Nude texture or the softness of the Zerotexture.

Arq Zero

Designed to meet minimalist needs. The soft Zero microtexture is the perfect complement for the Arq, a product with the simplicity of the Base with a distinctive touch: it’s perimeter frame.

Duo Slate

This shower tray will appeal to those who want customisation. The Akron lid hides the drain, giving it a homogeneous look, but if you prefer, it can be configured without it and a stainless steel drain can be installed to give the bathroom a bolder style. Always with the touch of sophistication provided by the Slate texture.

Prisma Slate

A distinctive structure characterises the Prisma Slatemodel. The architectural style of its lines is sure to catch the eye. Yet again, the Slate texture adds a touch of elegance.

Trendy Ardesia

The Ardesia texture has its roots in Liguria and represents the elegance of Italian stone. It is the only model with this texture, and it clearly demonstrates the characteristic pattern of veins in slabs of natural stone. Its frame plays with the angle of the tray, making it the perfect shower surface.

Beyond their design, it is worth highlighting the material used in our shower trays: a mixture of resin and mineral filler registered under the name Akron. Akron is a result of exhaustive testing, it is highly resistant to impact, thermal shock and hydrolysis, which also offers a guarantee of safety thanks to its anti-slip properties, antibacterial certification and quality assurance in accordance with Class 1 in UNE-EN 14527:2006 + A1:2010. Akron also makes cutting easier and provides high definition in textures, ensuring unique, bespoke designs.

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