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Shower tray or bathtub, which one should we choose?

Shower tray or bathtub, which one should we choose?

April 2021 | Inspiration, Inspiration, Advice, Advice

When it comes to renovating the bathroom, the same question always comes up, which is better? Shower tray or bathtub? In this article, we help you to make the right decision.

In a space like the bathroom the major players are the shower tray and bathtub, elements which are very visible and in daily use but whose characteristics are very different. So, deciding which one to choose is an important detail which must be clarified at the very first stage of any project. What’s more, the choice may determine the basis for the layout of the bathroom.

Shower tray

The most practical option. Shower trays are perfect for coping with today’s pace of life and can adapt to any space.

On a daily basis, or if we prefer to spend as little time as possible in the bathroom, a shower tray is the right choice. Thanks to this item, bath time will brief as will the time taken to clean the bathroom, as Acquabella’s resin and mineral-filled shower trays are easy to keep clean.

Also worth noting is its capacity for adaptation. If we have any doubt about the choice between a shower tray or bathtub and we have a small bathroom, the answer is clear. Acquabella shower trays are not only available in various sizes, but they can also be cut down to size. This gives us the option of being able to take advantage of every nook and cranny in the bathroom.

Acquabella shower trays have many properties that are equally important in this type of product, as they are non-slip, making safety a priority feature, resistant to impact and thermal shock, and they possess antibacterial certification, which demonstrates the quality of Acquabella’s resin and mineral-filled shower trays.

These features our topped by design. Acquabella has developed a technology that makes it possible to recreate high definition textures in more than 2,000 different colours. This makes it possible for its 13 shower tray models to provide us with unique sensations thanks to the eight textures that the brand has designed: from the smooth Zero texture, a bastion of minimalism, to the imposing Quiz texture, which symbolises the most absolute creativity.


Undoubtedly the queen of the bathroom. We must admit that, whether we have a shower tray or a bathtub in our bathroom, the bathtub is impressive as it raises the stakes upgrading any bathroom.

If we choose to install a freestanding bathtub in our bathroom, we can enjoy moments of absolute relaxation whenever we want, because only a bathtub is capable of transporting us to a world of peace and tranquillity in which we can recover our balance as we are gently rocked to and fro by the water.

Practicality is not far behind. If the shower tray brought us speed, the bathtub helps us in family life: any parent with a bathtub at home will be able to corroborate the benefits of this product when it comes to bathing small children.

Among the features listed, the most notable is the design. Acquabella freestanding bathtubs stand out for their durability and design. These innovative creations are as much a delight to touch as their shapes and finishes are a delight to the eye. Undoubtedly, a jewel worth enjoying.

As we have seen, in deciding between a shower tray or a bathtub, there is no out right winner, everything will depend on the consumer’s needs and personal taste. But if there is one thing we know for sure, it is that at Acquabella we work to offer the best quality shower trays and bathtubs with exceptional design characteristics, adaptable to any corner and style.

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