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Sharing the bathroom

Sharing the bathroom

March 2021 | Inspiration, Advice

The bathroom is a space where living together can often create problems: combining schedules, small children, older children, guests… it seems impossible to adapt a single space to everyone’s needs. From Acquabella, we have some tips for you which will take the challenge out of sharing the bathroom.

When the same space is shared by several people, it is difficult to make it meet all needs, but at Acquabella we have solutions that can easily solve this problem, and that can be implemented both at home and in a hotel bathroom.

Sinks: two are better than one

The first point that should be considered when it comes to facilitating coexistence in the bathroom is the use of several washbasins, especially if different people have similar daily schedules.

A double-basin countertop model such as Acquabella’s Integra is the necessary solution in these situations: a single piece product with two integrated basins that will allow us to share the bathroom without any problem. We can also opt for the Infinity model, which offers more customisation options, such as countertop size, or the size of the washbasins and their adaptability to fit into any corner.

For those looking for something different, why not opt for several free-standing washbasins? With its rectilinear shape, the Mini countertop will not only be key to learning how to share the bathroom, but will also provide this room with the essence of minimalism. Something similar happens when we opt for the One countertop set with an On-Top washbasin, an avant-garde element that is not at all incompatible with family life.

The bathtub: helpful with younger children

Children are full of energy and movement, and although this is indeed a joy, we have to admit that sometimes it makes day-to-day tasks difficult. A freestanding bathtub will serve us really well when bathing younger children, not only from the point of view of comfort but also because it allows us to turn bath time into a game, and thus create unforgettable memories. The Lech or Levi models, with their softly curved lines, are perfectly suited to these situations because family life is compatible with design in the bathroom.

In contrast to the previous recommendation, we must add that if anyone is going to enjoy all the benefits of a bathtub, it’s adults. Have you ever thought about including a shower tray and a freestanding bathtub in the same space? This solution provides the practicality of a shower tray and the relaxing sensations of using a bathtub. But if we are really looking for a lull in the action, there is another option: to include a bathtub in the master bedroom, as a suite. This arrangement will turn the room into a special place and is highly recommended for hotels, as having a freestanding bathtub in a hotel room will generate a sense of exclusivity and create a space in which to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Bathroom furniture: organisation aimed at sharing the bathroom

If there’s one thing you need in a shared bathroom, it’s storage space so that everyone can get to their normal every day products. For a family, we recommend bathroom furniture with plenty of storage space, such as Urban furniture for bathrooms, available in oak or matt white. If there are two of us, a couple, with similar schedules, why not have two bathroom cabinets? The Show bathroom cabinet model is more than enough for one person, and the front can be customised in eight textures and over 2,000 different colours, giving you the chance to play around and personalise it.

If we consider all these details, we will get the most out of the bathroom, which will remain a special and, above all, practical place.

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