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Bathrooms for Two, Sharing without More Space?

Bathrooms for Two, Sharing without More Space?

April 2019 | Products, ACQUABELLA

It is possible to increase your bathroom’s capacity without having to make the room bigger thanks to the various basins, countertops and other accessory options that will let you to use it as a couple.

Sharing space in our homes is often difficult and the issue becomes especially complicated when talking about bathrooms.

In the bathroom we usually have just one sinks, one shower, one toilet, one mirror and one cabinet, which when we are in a hurry can lead to arguments of who gets to use the bathroom first in the morning. Nowadays there are many satisfactory ways of sharing the bathroom without increasing the size of the room.

Double countertops, two countertop basins, one or more cabinets and/or mirrors… The possibilities are endless, and at Acquabella we show you them all in order to design a bathroom that better suits your needs.

Share the bathroom with your partner thanks to double sinks

Two sinks are essential when sharing a bathroom. When there is enough space available, the most practical thing it to have our own separate basin, mirror, shower and cabinet, so that each partner can manage their space however they like. There is a clear trend toward symmetry as it gives an image of order and harmony in the bathroom.

However, we can avoid duplicating these items due to space or simply because it is not to our taste. So, there is the option to make the most of the space by incorporating a single mirror and/or sharing the storage cabinet, while keeping the two basins.

The worktop can also be designed with the washbasins aligned to one side., leaving space on the other side to put objects. Acquabella offers a wide range of bespoke worktops with integrated sinks.

Another extra that makes the bathroom even more practical is sharing a sink with two taps. The Integrated Collection and its 120 XL countertop are the best solution if you choose to share a basin.

You can also opt for two washbasins On-Top, which is one of the greatest design trends in 2019. The On-Top sink collection from Acquabella will open up endless possibilities for your bathroom. The design is supported on top of the One CF countertop which allows you to have a drop front with built-in towel hanger, as well as free space to support bathroom items and other objects.

Note that it is vital to have enough storage space to organise all your beauty products and personal toiletries that you use every day. Units, cabinets, shelves, racks, hangers… these are some of the products you can find in Acquabella’s product catalogue.

As you know, the saying is “sharing is caring”, and at Acquabella we show you how to adapt your bathroom with a wide range of products that will make life with your partner perfect.

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