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Plants to decorate the bathroom.

Plants to decorate the bathroom.

December 2018 | Inspiration, Advice

If we consider humidity and light, we can find many plants to make our bathroom unique.

Plants are an important part of the decoration in any home, they provide freshness and personality to any space. Also, they help to create a sensation of relaxation in the different rooms of the house and purify the air in a natural way. It is common to see them in the hall or main sitting room, but why not include them in the bathroom to create a unique and personal space?

There are numerous plants that can be used in the bathroom, but they must be indoor plants that can suitably withstand the humidity of the bathroom. To keep them from withering, we must also consider the amount of natural light in the space and the dedication that we want to have to their care.

First of all, we must think about where we want to put them. They can go on the countertop, as a small detail on a shelf, on the window ledge (ideal for those that need more light) or expressly placed in a suspended pot that contributes added value to the space.

Plants such as ivy, philodendron and fern are suitable for spaces with limited natural light and need a lot of humidity, therefore they adapt perfectly to the bathroom. These are all plants with green leaves, no flower, that work perfectly in bathrooms with a rustic, Nordic, classical or bohemian style.

Bamboo is also one of the preferred plants for decoration in bathrooms with little light, as they help to create a spa effect and don’t require much care. It looks perfect in industrial, minimalist, modern and bohemian bathrooms; placed on furniture or in a pot on the ground.

If your bathroom has enough natural light, you can opt for flowers such as orchids, lilies or African violet. These can require more care, but they offer freshness and colour in your bathroom.

On the other hand, if you have a spacious bathroom, you can opt for plants such as snake plant (sansevieria) and Dracaena fragrans. These are plants that require very little care, although you should avoid them if you live somewhere very cold because they don’t withstand low temperatures (less than 10º C). They can provide a “spa” feel as well as an exotic and tropical nuance, depending on the style you match them with.

If, in the end, you don’t want to spend much time caring for them or you have very little light, you can always turn to artificial plants or dried flowers.

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