Welcome nature into your bathroom to escape the stress of everyday life
Welcome nature into your bathroom to escape the stress of everyday life

Welcome nature into your bathroom to escape the stress of everyday life

March 2020 | Inspiration, Advice

These days we all have dynamic and stressful lifestyles and our bathrooms are increasingly becoming a welcoming space where we can get away from our responsibilities. Introducing elements to our bathrooms that allude to nature, enhances the calming power of this room.

For many, the bathroom is a refuge to go to in order to relax and release the tensions of everyday life under a hot shower, and bringing the outside in is a trend that can bring extra relaxation to this self-care ritual. Here are a few tips on how to merge this private space with nature.


Good lighting is essential in any bathroom. If we have windows, it is best for them to be clear so that clarity is not hindered. If it is an interior room, we must invest in points of light in the ceiling that avoid shadows and illuminate the darkest areas. A good option may be to install a false skylight over the shower tray that imitates natural light.

Plato de ducha con tragaluz

Organic elements

Plants, stones or wood are elements that turn the bathroom into a welcoming space with an appreciative nod to nature. We can arrange some pebbles on the floor, as a surface, or place them in a transparent vase. As for plants, the use of ivy, philodrum or fern is perfectly adapted to the bathrooms.

On the other hand, certain textures in the bathroom fittings that imitate the consistency of stone or wood, such as Ardesia, which looks identical to Tuscan slate, help to complete the set without leaving aside modern or minimalist styles.

Encimera Integra blanca


To get the feeling of being in an authentic Mexican cenote, we recommend the use of neutral and low saturation colors. Grey, brown and white will automatically transport us to the environment we are looking for.

Transparent screens

Less is more. A transparent screen will break down the boundaries between the shower tray and the rest of the bathroom, thus unifying the environment and giving a greater sense of freedom and spaciousness.

plato de ducha base nude

By applying these tips in your bathroom, you will manage to make it your private temple of well-being and relaxation.

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