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Keys points when choosing the best basin for your bathroom

January 2022 | Uncategorized

When it comes to renovating a bathroom, seemingly simple questions, such as which is the best basin for your home, become a setback as there are many options, each with its advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we give you the key points you will need when choosing the best sink for your bathroom.

Worktop basin

The main advantage of this type of sink is the design. If you are looking for a modern, special bathroom that says something about you, you should definitely choose this option.

On the downside, these basins require high or wall-mounted plumbing and water may splash more than in other options. To avoid this, we recommend XL models.

Lavabo sobre encimera, lavabo de resina para el cuarto de baño

Acquabella offers rectangular, round, oval and square worktop basin, but in addition to the multiple shapes, the designs and finishes can be very different.

The Acquawhite range by Acquabella stands out for its purity, presenting a set of complete solutions for the bathroom characterised by extraordinary smoothness and radiant white. In this range we find the Levi rectangular or circular basin models, with fine lines that convey delicacy and elegance; the Vars models, circular, square or rectangular, are characterised by thicker and more modern lines, while the Venet models, also in circular, rectangular or square options, have an original sculpted base that will definitely impress you.

For those who prefer stone worktop basins, Acquabella offers the On-top models, with a faithful reproduction in high definition of the -Slate model- stone texture or the cement texture for the more daring -Beton model-. These are resin basins that combine the finish of stone basins with the advantages of new materials: easy to clean, customisable and antibacterial. On-top worktop basins are available in circular, rectangular, oval and square finishes.

Built-in basin

Undoubtedly the most practical option.  Worktops with recessed basins are very easy to clean, as it is a large surface area without any joints, and water tends to splash less than in other cases.

Its disadvantages normally include a shortage of shapes and colours, but this is not the case with Acquabella, since the brand offers made-to-measure and fully customisable worktops in 7 textures and more than 2,000 colours. They are also available in single, double or XL single basin, perfect for sharing space.

This type of model does not draw as much attention as a worktop basin, so if we want to highlight this area of the bathroom, it may not be the best choice.

encimera de resina para el cuarto de baño

Pedestal basin

Also known as totem. It is a redesign of the traditional basin with an innovative concept. The totems or modern standing basins are current designer pieces that will not fail to impress.

Acquabella, in its Acquawhite range, offers totems that are very smooth, pure white and easy to clean.

Its major disadvantage is the inability to add storage under the basins.

Lavabo pedestal moderno, totem cuarto de baño

Bathroom furniture under the basin

We cannot fail to consider storage in our list of advantages and disadvantages of basin models.

We can provide bathroom furniture with worktop basin as well as bathroom furniture for built-in basins. To decide, we must take into account our storage needs; in this article on 5 ideas for organising the bathroom you will find a guide that will help you find the perfect storage system for your bathroom.

Lavabo sobre encimera, lavabo de resina para el cuarto de baño

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