Interview | Human Resources Director
Interview | Human Resources Director

Interview | Human Resources Director

January 2020 | ACQUABELLA, Entrevistas

“We embrace diversity and like to give opportunities to those who lack work experience but have the right attitude”

Eva Vega, a graduate in Labour Relations from the Universitat Jaume I in Castellón, joined Acquabella at the beginning of 2018 as Director of Human Resources. She is originally from Castellón and is now playing a key role in the company’s growth process. That’s why we wanted to talk with her, to get to know this important figure in our company.

How would you assess your career at Acquabella?

I would give it a very positive assessment. I consider myself very lucky. I am passionate about my work and, moreover, being able to carry out this work at Acquabella has a highly emotional element for me. I have known this organisation for 20 years now. I worked with them externally as a provider of Human Resource Services, and then internally years later, as I was part of the structure of the same group of companies.

You arrived at a period of strong growth for the company. How has that affected your work as a human resources manager?

It was and still is a sprint. Adjusting the staff to Acquabella’s needs has taken up a large proportion of our department’s activities. But it is also a long-distance race, as we continue to grow, incorporate people into the organisation and take on new challenges. We have to make sure that we find the right people in this process.

What do your day-to-day activities involve?

At Acquabella we are very service-oriented. In my case, an important part of my time is focused on supporting all the departments and attending to their needs, which are the needs of the people who form a part of this organisation. Those needs have to be met so that we can all concentrate on giving our very best and providing a good service to our customers. My days are very intense, without respite, but very stimulating.

What personal and professional profile should Acquabella employees have?

What we look for at Acquabella? Team players who are enthusiastic, capable of learning new things, committed, service-oriented, very respectful and with a sense of responsibility. People who will contribute to maintaining the positive atmosphere here at Acquabella.

In terms of technical skills, each department has different needs. They will need to have the minimum skills required for each position, but the rest can be learned with the right attitude. We are always willing to teach them.

One of the business attributes that the jury appraised when they awarded Acquabella as the European Company of the Year was its promotion of youth employment. Is that right?

At Acquabella, beginning with the applications that already meet the technical skills required for each position as a starting point, we look for people that we think would fit perfectly into the various teams, on the basis of their personal skills.

We find very different profiles from our selection processes. We appreciate diversity and of course we also give opportunities to those who have the right attitude but don’t yet have the work experience. So yes, we also promote youth employment, and you can see this for yourself when you come to visit us.

What future do you see for Acquabella?

We are a team that learns and adapts quickly to change. We care about others and our environment.  The future can only be bright.

What do you like best about the company?

The people. You’re either Acquabella or you’re not.

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