Inspiring destinations for decorating your bathroom
Inspiring destinations for decorating your bathroom

Inspiring destinations for decorating your bathroom

May 2020 | Inspiration, ACQUABELLA

It is possible to travel without even leaving your home. We are travelling to various different destinations via inspirational bathroom decor.

When you are missing being able to travel, your imagination can be the best way to combat those longing feelings. What if you could travel to various places around the world without even leaving your home? Together we will discover some incredible destinations using decorative elements and styles from other cultures.

New York style

Exposed brick walls, high ceilings, wooden floors… These are the elements that come to mind when we talk about a home with an urban-chic design. It reminds us of an iconic New York Soho loft and makes us feel like a character in a Woody Allen movie. The city that never sleeps always leaves us speechless with its open-plan apartments, sturdy furniture, design pieces and eye-catching works of art. With the feel of an industrial space that has been fully renovated, it is the dream home for artists.

Exoticism in its purest form

The favourite decoration style of adventurous travellers. The exotic style takes us to tropical climates, where it is always hot, and you can find wild nature and unforgettable landscapes all around you. Vegetation, prints and bright colours are just some of the decorative styles that will transport you to destinations like Costa Rica or Bali. It is without a doubt one of the best ways to add vitality to your home, particularly the bathroom.

Mediterranean décor

A bathroom decor that makes you feel like you are on a summer holiday. This is the Mediterranean style, where sun, light and fresh and bright colours like the white and the blue of the sea become your best allies. It creates a feeling of spaciousness, freshness and well-being, which is so important in a bathroom, and goes perfectly with natural materials such as wood, bamboo and organic textiles. With architecture that transports us to cities like Santorini, Ibiza or Capri, the Mediterranean is more than a style, it is a lifestyle. 

Welcome to Provence

If there is one thing that characterises the Provençal style, it is its elegance and romanticism. Highly influenced by the light and warmth that radiates from this region of southern France, this rustic style can fit in with any type of home as it creates a sense of comfort and warmth. Wood, often recycled or worn, is a fundamental element of this style. Provençal decor is complemented by a soft colour palette, a rural touch and a sprinkling of vintage accessories that create a unique effect when combined with other contemporary design elements.

Encimera Infinity 2 Beton Grey

The essence of Scandinavia

This Nordic style emerged in northern European countries like Finland, Norway and Denmark, and it has spread throughout the world over recent years, becoming one of the main trends in interior design. The minimalist approach of this style is based on functionality, simplicity and beauty. Fresh Scandinavian air filters into our homes, bringing with it light and harmony.

Bathrooms can be the perfect setting to convey the essence of cities and cultures that appeal to us the most. With Acquabella, you imagine it and we create it.

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