Inspiration for renovating a bathroom - by Acquabella
Inspiration for renovating a bathroom

Inspiration for renovating a bathroom

October 2020 | Inspiration, ACQUABELLA

Looking for inspiration for renovating a bathroom is an arduous task that requires time and dedication. How can I create the look I want? Where can I find inspiration? Will I get the style right? In this article, we lay out a guide to make the process easier for you.

Acquabella Blog

Blogs are the best source of inspiration you can find. They touch on many issues in depth and, in terms of inspiration for renovating a bathroom, their content can be divided into two blocks:

Pure inspiration: In this case, a blog’s authors open up the door to different worlds, leading us through various styles we can immerse ourselves in until we find the ideal one for us or our business.

From a blog, we can learn about the latest trends, look for ideas to combine colours or simply travel the world in search of the best decorations.

Learning: Thanks to this content pillar, we might realise there are other fundamental aspects to renovating a bathroom that we hadn’t seen before, like seeking a sensation of amplitude in a small bathroom, how to optimise the distribution of all a bathroom’s elements, or finding solutions to divide environments. But we can also learn, for example, about the various bathroom storage options, since a small bathroom is not the same as a large one, nor is a bathroom in a hotel the same as one in a home.


An application created specifically for seeking inspiration must be included in this small guide we have prepared.

On Pinterest, we can find inspiration for anything imaginable. We just have to type in the key words and we’ll enter an infinite universe of ideas. Pinterest offers the option of following profiles that interest us or, if we prefer, specific image boards. As we do this, the application will provide us with more, better recommendations. But the most interesting aspect is creating our own image boards, organised according to the themes that interest us most, so that we can use them whenever we need to.

You can take a look at our profile on Pinterest to start getting inspired. You’ll find image boards with colour palettes, different bathroom environments, decoration tips, DIY and much more.


Social networks have changed the way we see the world. When it comes to finding inspiration for renovating a bathroom, they play a major role. Instagram, the most visual social network so far, is perfect for finding ideas.

We just need to follow a few on-theme profiles, so when we enter our feed we’ll see ideas without even having to look for them. We can save the most interesting ideas in a personal image board, creating a moodboard.

On Acquabella’s Instagram profile, we provide tips and ideas, along with photographs that show the before and after in our renovations.


A community designed to unite home owners with home professionals. It’s a perfect showcase to find great ideas. It includes project albums, photographs of refurbished spaces, interesting articles, a very useful forum and, best of all, it specialises in home design and renovation.

We highly recommend browsing this page before you start your renovation.

With this guide, we hope we’ve brought you a step closer to the renovation that’ll make your bathroom the masterpiece of your home or establishment.

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