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How to achieve a sense of spaciousness in small bathrooms

How to achieve a sense of spaciousness in small bathrooms

September 2020 | Inspiration

Decorating a small bathroom is challenging. The main priority is to achieve a sense of spaciousness, so the room feels more comfortable.

We’ve used all the expertise that we’ve accumulated throughout our 25 years in the industry to give you some tricks you can use to make your small bathroom appear much larger, regardless of your budget or available space.

Clear the floor

If you’re thinking of renovating, opt for compact, suspended toilets. Not only will this make cleaning easier, a very important factor in this kind of room, but the clear floor will also create an optical effect to make your bathroom look bigger.

The furniture, bathroom fittings and accessories should also be as small as possible if you’d like to achieve an increased sense of spaciousness. On-top furniture from Acquabella would be the perfect choice to achieve this effect, for example, with its simple and minimalist style. But if you’re not willing to compromise on storage space, you’d be better off with an Integra unit with a suspended structure or a Show unit.

Keep everything in order

Only keep those items in view that are absolutely necessary. Use storage systems that suit your particular needs: shelves for shower gel and shampoo, drawers and cabinets for towels and cosmetics, etc. Find the combination that suits you best and include it in your bathroom

Play with light

Light is key when it comes to creating optical illusions, so it deserves a special mention in this article. Make the most of whatever natural light is available to you, complementing it with artificial light sources to reach where the sun cannot. If you’re not lucky enough to have a source of natural light in your bathroom, boost the ceiling light with wall lights that reach the darker areas, such as the shower, sink and corners.

When painting your bathroom, choose lighter colours as they will reflect the light more effectively, helping to give the room a sense of spaciousness. But the most useful ally to help you accomplish this mission is the mirror. Earlier we suggested that you opt for smaller elements as much as possible, but the opposite is true with the mirror; you should get the largest one possible as it will double the size of your bathroom from a visual perspective.

The importance of the shower enclosure

The best option to prevent shower water from splashing all over your bathroom is a fixed transparent enclosure, but if you currently have a curtain and do not want to invest in an enclosure, avoid extending it when it is not in use, as this will create an additional wall and make a small bathroom seem even smaller.

Put these tips into practice and you will achieve the sense of spaciousness you’re looking for.

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