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How can we save water in the bathroom?

How can we save water in the bathroom?

November 2018 | Inspiration

With a few simple daily actions, you can save up to 50% more water and help to take care of one of the most precious resources on this planet.

Approximately 70% of Earth’s surface is covered with water, so at times we may think that water is an inexhaustible resource. However, more and more geographical zones are suffering from water scarcity. Only 3% of the world’s water is freshwater, or fit for consumption. This is why it is vital to practice responsible water consumption in our day-to-day lives.

Water plays a leading role in the bathroom. This is why you can save more water in this room of the house than any other by following some day-to-day steps. For example, taking a bath can use from 80 to 200 litres of water. Switching from a bathtub to a shower tray lets you reduce your water consumption considerably, since barely 30 litres are used each time you shower.

Another common practice is to let the water run while you wait for it to reach the desired temperature. Instead, you can put a bucket under the shower and later use that water to water plants or wash the floor.

For each minute that the water runs, up to 5 litres are wasted, so it is also important to shut off the tap while soaping your body in the shower, or when shaving or brushing your teeth at the sink. Likewise, it is important to choose mixing-taps for your bathroom, since then it is not necessary to wait for the water to mix in order to regulate the temperature.

Similarly, you can save water on the toilet. It is a good idea to put a bin in the bathroom in order to avoid paper and towelettes stopping up the bowl and creating the need to flush unnecessarily. In addition, modern toilets let you reduce consumption by choosing a half- or full-flush, in which case it is a good idea to push the half-flush button whenever possible.

Finally, it is wise to repair any leaks in the taps or toilet tank as quickly as possible. Checking every so often to see if the taps are leaking can save thousands of litres per year.

Following these suggestions for responsible consumption can save up to 50% more water. Therefore, this is not just about fundamental habits for protecting our planet, but also what we can do financially.

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