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Health in the bathroom: The benefits of showering

Health in the bathroom: The benefits of showering

August 2020 | ACQUABELLA

Since time immemorial, water has been of great importance to human beings. A purifying element in many cultures, its properties have been widely used for treating illness and pain and its relaxing power is very useful in today’s society. How can we take advantage of these properties at home? We are sharing with you the benefits of showering, so you can make the most of yours.

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The best way to get the maximum benefits of showering is by playing with the temperature. The properties of cold water showers are well known: they promote good blood circulation, helping to prevent the feeling of heaviness and pain in the legs, they offer greater resistance to colds and they fill the person showering with energy. Hot showers, on the other hand, dilate the blood vessels and help relax the muscles. 

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Showers alternating between hot and cold water have proven to be very beneficial, especially after sporting activities. However, if we do not want to experience abrupt temperature changes, it is best to opt for warm water. It has no special benefits, but is less harmful to the skin.


Hydromassage columns are a great health ally, as is the case with the Show TS shower column. The pressure of the jets promotes better blood circulation, while generating a pleasant massage that promotes the elimination of liquids.

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Duration and time of day

Ideally, your shower time should not exceed 5 minutes. This is enough time to maintain proper hygiene and be environmentally friendly.

If we are having a hard time starting the day, the benefits of showering in the morning are just what we need: It will activate us to face the day with energy, relaxation and more creativity. That said, if we wait until the evening to shower, it will help us to sleep better and to disconnect from our daily tasks.

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The finishing touch

Once the shower is over, we recommend drying thoroughly but gently, especially in areas that are difficult to reach, where fungus or other conditions are more likely to appear.

Due to the skin dryness that the shower itself causes, it is also important to moisturise afterwards. For its benefits to really take effect, you should carry out this moisturisation after every shower.

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Taking into account all these benefits of showering, you will take full advantage of the properties of the water and the features of your bathroom, making your shower a fully restorative session for body and mind.

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