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Four bathrooms with a bathtub to inspire you

March 2023 | Inspiration

Would you like a bathroom with a bathtub, but aren’t sure what to do with the layout? In this article we will show you four modern bathrooms with bathtubs that you can use as inspiration to achieve the perfect style.

Bathtub for a small bathroom

Bañera semiexenta Voss

For a modern freestanding bathtub to look good, it is essential that it be located in a spacious bathroom, but if your dream is to have a freestanding bathtub and the dimensions of your bathroom do not allow it, wall-mounted bathtubs may be just what you need.

The Voss semi-freestanding bathtub from Acquabella has all the elegance and beauty of a freestanding bathtub, with the difference being that it is actually wall-mounted, allowing you to optimise your space much better and creating a small overhang for storing your toiletries.

When decorating small bathrooms it is important to use light and neutral tones, so a white bathtub is ideal for these cases. If it also has a matt finish, giving it a velvety tone that will help to better distribute the light that enters the room.

Bathroom with a bathtub and shower

Cuarto de baño con bañera y plato de ducha

It may be that, unlike in the previous case, the bathroom you want to renovate has a lot of space. If so, why not have a bathroom with a bathtub and shower tray? Having both options allows you to enjoy the benefits of both products, and thanks to the easy maintenance of Acquabella materials, keeping it looking as good as new will not take you any extra time.

You should bear in mind that, while a small space is difficult to decorate, larger bathrooms are also more difficult when it comes to the layout. To solve this problem, a bathtub/shower combo will help you to better visually distribute the elements in a large bathroom.

In the bathroom you can see in this post, large windows have been installed to create visual continuity between the outdoors and the indoor space, using the spaciousness of the room to make it blend in with the other side of the window. Neutral colours have been chosen as a base, with flatter elements given an accent of colour, while those that stand out the most, such as the Vars freestanding bathtub and the small Mini countertops, are white.

Bathtub in an en-suite bathroom

cuarto de baño suite con bañera en la habitación

If there are at least two bathrooms in the house, it is possible to integrate one of them into the master bedroom and separate it by doors, or to do without doors altogether by creating an open bathroom in the bedroom.

In this case, ventilation and the choice of materials should be taken into account to prevent damp from affecting the bedroom. And the aesthetics of the toilet area must be given even more consideration. Akron® is a perfect material for these cases, given its resistance to humidity, its highly defined textures and the wide range of colours.

Areas can be separated with small details, such as a headboard for the bed, a small screen or, as in this case, mirrors that hang from ceiling to floor. The toilet area shall be enclosed in a cabin, while the bathtub may look out onto the sleeping area. If you go for this option, the choice of bathtub is key to obtaining the best result, and here the Opal Quiz resin bathtub is the star of the show: the groundbreaking Quiz texture from Acquabella is used to embellish a freestanding bathtub that has won numerous design and innovation awards. Its ergonomic curvature guarantees perfect relaxation, while one of its ends widens enough to allow you to position everything you need for a relaxing bath.

Mediterranean style bathroom with a bathtub


The Mediterranean has served as a cultural hub throughout its history, and much of that knowledge is still preserved today. Mediterranean construction has established its own unique style, and many great architects and interior designers have been inspired by this design. If you are looking for a bathroom with a bathtub that radiates serenity and a connection with nature, a Mediterranean style bathroom can certainly achieve this.

Neutral colours and natural materials are the key to this style. The Mediterranean style is welcoming, fresh, open and bright, so it is important to let the light in with large windows.

In this bathroom with a bathtub, the traditional Mediterranean style has been used to create a modern bathroom. Tiles reminiscent of terracotta, earthy and warm tones, large windows and wooden slats that filter the sunlight and provide privacy. The distinguishing feature of this bathroom is the Chrea freestanding bathtub, whose curved shapes are perfectly adapted to the organic design of a Mediterranean-style bathroom, but with small details that make it a modern and original bathtub.


Bathtubs are one of the main trends in the bathroom right now and an essential element in this new era of wellness. If you are looking for more information about bathrooms with bathtubs, why not follow some Instagram accounts to get inspired and come up with your next bathroom idea.

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