Find out about Acquabella's new textures for the bathroom

Find out about Acquabella’s new textures for the bathroom

November 2022 | Advice, ACQUABELLA

When choosing bathroom items, we usually think of a combination of colours and materials, but what if the differentiating element in the aesthetics of the bathroom are the textures?

Benefits of including textures in the bathroom

textura piel nude para el plato de ducha

If there is one thing that characterises Acquabella, apart from the quality of its products, it is its high-definition textures for the bathroom. Acquabella textures are to a large degree faithful to the elements they represent; such as the slabs of slate in the Slate texture, the imperfect trowel grooves in the Beton cement texture, the work of artisan hands spinning an Arabba texture fabric, the warm aspect of leather in the Nude texture, the softness of the Zero micro-texture or the amazing geometric puzzle of the Quiz texture. These six textures are joined by two more, which draw on current trends and are inspired by nature’s wildest: Wave and Slate Evo.

The high fidelity of Acquabella’s bathroom textures guarantees high doses of personality and differentiation that will not go unnoticed, either by those who seek the simplicity of the Zero texture, or by those who are most daring and opt for the Quiz texture. However, they are soft and pleasant to the touch, and transmit great warmth, which turns your personal hygiene routine into a moment of well-being, especially when it comes to the shower, given that the Akron material does not have the coldness of other materials such as ceramic or porcelain, thus achieving an extremely pleasant experience when in contact with the skin.

The smooth roughness of Acquabella textures achieves a high degree of anti-slip on shower trays, thus increasing safety in the shower, but their easy maintenance makes cleaning simple, which is reinforced by the antibacterial properties of the material.

Wave: nature in expansion

textura Wave plato de ducha de resina Acquabella

The new and ground breaking Wave texture has been created by listening to the latest trends: organic, rounded shapes, a return to nature and the magic of the dynamic patterns created in nature. In Wave, we can see the rings evident inside a hundred-year-old tree, or the expansive waves caused by gently touching a body of water.

In the Natur Wave shower tray, different roughnesses create concentric shapes that taper around a grid that breaks the mould with its irregular and perfectly imperfect shape.

Slate Evo: a new generation

plato de ducha de resina y carga mineral Areia Slate Evo de Acquabella

Among the natural bathroom textures offered by Acquabella, there is one that stands out in particular: our Slate texture. This texture forms part of numerous models of resin and mineral-filled shower trays in a slate finish, which has become the brand’s flagship. It conveys sobriety in its appearance, reproducing an elegant and homogeneous slate.

Our Slate texture, which has been so well received, has evolved to give way to the Slate Evo texture; a design that starts with the appearance of our slate texture and gradually merges into a soft gradient with a smooth texture. Slate Evo is inspired by the erosion caused by the sea on rocks and the softness left by the sea’s waves caressing the sand. This texture succeeds in transporting bathroom users to the shores of a beach paradise of rock and white sand.

Acquabella-stand-cersaie textura plato de ducha con mano

With its products, Acquabella offers a combination of textures and colours in the bathroom, achieving amazing effects that adapt to all styles and that, in any case, transmit sensations of warmth and well-being thanks to the quality and characteristics of the material and the careful designs of the different products.

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