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Dolotek®: a soft-touch material for the bathroom

December 2021 | Products, ACQUABELLA

Practicality, purity, softness. These are the main characteristics of Dolotek®, Acquabella’s latest material.

material resina acrilico cuarto de baño

What is Dolotek®?

Dolotek® is, like Akron®, a resin and mineral filled material, but with different characteristics. Dolotek® stands out for its simplicity and delicate design. It is a combination of raw materials ensuring top technical quality and great precision in its manufacture, this enables it to be moulded into complex shapes under a functional design, making our day to day life easier. The result means bathroom solutions with delicate original shapes, which have a soft touch enhanced by the purity of its white colour.

The manufacturing process of this material is optimised and environmentally friendly.

lavabo exento resina


Resistant to thermal shocks and UV rays: The material has undergone rigorous testing and has proven to be highly resistant to thermal shocks and UV rays

Soft touch: the white colour and the softness of this material create a unique synergy

Antibacterial surface: The product is coated with a protective layer with antibacterial qualities

Easy to clean: a material designed for everyday use, easy to clean due to its softness and technical properties

Durability: its toughness and quality mean that products made with Dolotek® have a very long service life

Versatility and precision: the manufacturing method allows the creation of different thicknesses and shapes without sacrificing quality.


Bathtubs with rounded or straight lines, original stands with unique details, large worktops and countless sinks can be manufactured with Dolotek®, all with the utmost precision and a flawless finish.

bañera exenta resina lech acquabella


For everyday use a little water and a cotton cloth is enough. In cases of deeper cleaning, non-abrasive products are recommended for guaranteeing the product stays at its best for many years. In the event of damage to products, Acquabella provides its customers with repair kits that will restore products to their original splendour.

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