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Changing from a bath to a shower tray: which is the best option?

Changing from a bath to a shower tray: which is the best option?

July 2018 | Inspiration, Advice

Mineral load shower trays can be custom made in order to adapt to any space, they are resistant and anti-slip.

One of the most common updates carried out to Spanish homes in recent years has been the replacement of baths with shower trays. Whether due to aesthetic preference, to gain space or to make cleaning easier, an increasing number of people are opting for this change in their bathroom.

Many of those carrying out these updates opt for mineral load shower trays, i.e., those manufactured with resins and loads from a variety of minerals.

One of the reasons why these are increasingly used in the world of renovations is the possibility of creating a custom made shower tray. This way, they can be adapted to very small spaces or completely the opposite: creating large showers of up to 2 m2, perfect for relaxing with a hydromassage column.

The professionals in the sector will mostly likely choose it thanks to its technical characteristics, as its resistance to impacts and climate change is greater than that of traditional shower trays, and it also offers easy installation.

On the other hand, the mineral load shower trays are anti-slip and are no thicker than three centimetres, which prevents slips and trips, making them ideal for the elderly and children.

Acquabella also offers the possibility of selecting the colour you want, so that the replacement of the bath with a mineral load shower tray does not change the aesthetics with the current style of your bathroom.

In short, changing a bath into this type of shower tray is a simple update, but a great change in your bathroom on both an aesthetic and functional level.

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